In The Arms Of You.

Once Upon A Time
You Were My Special Place.
You Would Pull Me Close To Your Chest
Letting Nothing Come Between Us
You Would Look Me In My Eyes And Tell Me You Love Me
In One Swift Movement Your Lips Will Slowly Dance With Mine
Sparking A Firework Deep Inside
Our Breath Pacing With the Speed Of Our Hearts
Just You And I
I Would Run My Fingers Through Your Hair,
As You Trace Your Hands Across My Back
Then The Walls That Protected My Heart Broke Down
The Kiss Became More Than A Kiss
It Was A Promise
To Love And To Keep Safe
You Were My Special Place.
But Now I Have To Find Some Place Else.
A Place I Can Truly Be Me And Feel Safe
Like I Did,Once In The Arms Of You.

BlackroseVsWhiterose BlackroseVsWhiterose
18-21, F
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this is really good :)


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