It's More Than An Addiction. It's a Medication For My Sanity...

I'm an avid reader.  I'm the girl that got grounded from her books by her parents.  I was told I read too much.  My father banned any of the family from buying me books or bookshelves.  They believe that I should only read a book once and then get rid of it.

My father burned over 30 of my books.

It only set a darker flame to my passion.

There are few things I won't read.  I have to read when I eat, smoke, and even watch tv.  Even if it's just a newpaper or the back of a cereal box.

When I find my heart broken, my mind lost, or even just happy, you will find me with a book.  Not only has it helped my education in a variety of things, but it's helped me escape the chaos that lies on the road of my world.  Some people turn to drugs.  I used to.  But nothing can compete with a book.

When I die, I want a masoleum built with my books immortalized in concrete statues around my casket.

Some say I'm strange.

I say you aren't lucky enough to know and feel what I know and feel from books.

ororolebeau ororolebeau
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

it is great to see ur story .... !! i appreciate ur reading habit ..

I rarely read straight romance anymore. I'll read a book with romance in it, but the books with Fabio-wannabes on the cover with a swooning woman clad in a bare negligee I tend not to indulge in.