Voyuer, Or Not

Well,  It looks like voyuers come in both sexes. I visit a small park near my home during the afternoon for a few hours almost daily while doing some laptop work before going back to the office to leave. I often notice a nice lady prob doing the same fout days out of the week. We have never done anything more than smiled at each other in about a year. The only other visitors are fishermen fishing the river and a few couples who walk around taking in some sun. Yesterday it all changed.

I was sitting as usual as the reg ladycame in and parked abut 80 ft next to me. We sat and did whatever when a minivan pulled up and parked between us. Nothing special for at least 10 min. Then I started to ntice there was lots of movement. I glanced over and saw the female of the couple jump into the rear of the van and opened both sliding doors halfway. Not knowing what to expect...i became curios and adjusted myself to catch a direct view. Each time they looked at me I looked away as if not to be nosey. It got very heated and before I knew it the female was on her knees providing the guy with very audible oral pleasure. I was deeply involven in this view and had to get comfy  to watch the events.  The couple switched positions and he began his oral service and the girl was loud as well.

At that very moment I caught the fellow lady park visitor watching as well. I thought....umm this is cool. Then I noticed the lady looking at me as I watched this couple. I got weirded out and pretended to look away. As the couple began to completly disrobe, the female onlooker nestled down in her seat as I did the same. The doors of the couples minivan opened wider and the couple began to get really involved. I found myself aroused to the point I needed to adjust my netherregions. At that moment, the lady onlooker got out of her car and pretended to head for the trashcan behind the van with the couple. I too decided to get out of my truck to do the same. There we are, two strangers attempting to get a better view of the naked couple...lol

I started the convo with the fellow onlooker and we just directly watched them from the rear of the van. It was obvious at this point that the couple wanted us to watch them so we both indeed did. The female in the van motioned for us to come to the side of the van and asked us to feel free to join in. We were both shocked...but not really. I being the gent that I am smiled and said, should we.  The fellow parker said, cool. I was speechless as she unzipped her pants and slid her hand down in her crotch. I had no choice but to pull out my penis and massage it with whatever dignatly I thought I had.

one thing led to another and the couple left after a zesty session. The fellow park visitor and I found ourselfs in the back of my explorer making out with the virocity of two teenagers. It was grand and yes...there was oral pleasure givin and recieved by the both of us. Afterwards, we laughed and seemingly became good friends and to this day we both still go to the park and wave to each other sometimes and sometimes make out and feel each other up to completion. Not ever mentioning anything about our home lives, relationship status or other desires. We remain park friends and for sure are waiting for another encounter. I hope this summer provides us with all we wish for.

I dont think anyone of my friends would ever believe me so I decided to use this fourm to tell my story. I have had many voyuer experiences in the past...this tops them all by far. The fact that women enjoy this as much as men, is a revealation to me. Im sure human nature allowes each sex to be curious but never thought I be the lucky one to directly experience it.

oh yes, I will

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That was you?

wow that crazy fun **** you got going on there.

horny amd a very lucky man indeed, a rare find.

I notice most of you are from the USA, here in Britain (although I am in Spain just now) we have regular places for this sort of thing, the police at one I go to often drive in and check theres no public indecency going on and drive out again. It is an accepted part of voy/exb swx. Frequently a couple will show up to perform and they will be surrounded by men looking, joining in or just wanking. Sometimes there is more than one woman involved and sometimes one woman will suck many guys or ****. We call it dogging. Have a look at www.dogging.co.uk this will give you an insite. I have spoken to many Americans and I dont think you have it there on such an organised scale. I have been maybe 50times and i have never seen anyone get out of line...for one thing the other guys dont want the couple scared off and would take matters into their own hands. It can be quite a social event lol

horny amd a very lucky man indeed, a rare find.

horny amd a very lucky man indeed, a rare find.

what a great story. I hope it is true <br />
<br />
good to have special friends

It's probably good all of us EP'ers don't live in the same town! lol

I have fantasies like this too.

Us2, sounds like good fun!

Very nice!<br />
<br />
We sometimes go to the local park and give peeps and views to people. Works well then the wind picks up and can let a skirt blow up and such. <br />
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Great story, that would of been a fantasy come true for me. I've always wished I could find an exhibitionist in my town

That sounds like quite an experiance. I know I wouldn't have minded to watch, but, dought I ever would have joined in or even have gotten that close. But, it sure does make for an experiance and a memory.