I People Watch At Night Clubs And Pubs...

Nothing better then watching a drunk bloke trying to chat up an even more drunk girl.... Or even better the other way round :)

Last friday was watching a girl dancing on her own to some Linkin Park - every time when some guy came over to try and chat her up she slapped them on the face. I guess she wanted to be left alone :D 

"Drunk people watching" is awesome !!!

RafalS RafalS
36-40, M
3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

All the lonely people where do they all belong? I've seen guys act like they haven't seen a woman in 100 years. I just smh and watch. If some girl wants to say "Hi" she will do that, if she doesn't no matter because eventually one will, at least that's how it works with me.

I work in a hotel and nothing is amusing after one of those bastard blokes sick up in one of the suites.

When I used to go out to bars and clubs I always got a good laugh. Here in Japan I see guys trying to get with a local girl and she speaks broken English saying she doesn't understand what they are saying. Then another guy approaches .....maybe knows a lil Japanese and she speaks perfectly fluent English. Its rather amusing to watch the whole scenario. The drunker guys resort to talking slow and using hand signals :p