Not So Amusing

Went to a basketball game Friday night and some of the girls there couldn't have been more provocative if they were naked. And this was at a Quaker college. I've got to get out to the big leagues for some serious people watching. I sat next to a former player who kept yelling out ' I need you to block out!' or 'I need you to pass the ball'.  We had a great time. I told him about watching one of the college alumni playing in the NBA in the 70s and he said he was just being born then. I wanted to smack him but he was an ex-player and the school has a non-violence code. There was a beautiful woman in the row right in front of us who was really into the game. She had braces on her teeth, which for some reason I find very attractive in a grown woman. She was with a familiar looking guy. I kept thinking she reminded me of the chaplain at the hospital who prayed with me for my wife. It turns out the guy she was with was the doctor who told me my wife died. What are the odds of that? 

mergelayers mergelayers
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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

I would say the odds would be very low................but there he was. Too bad it wasn't lottery odds!