Getting Wet Fully Clothed Is A Turn On.

I love getting my clothes soaking wet and i have been doing it for a few decades now. I wear my clothes, under the shower, swimming at the beach, soaking in a bathtube or even sliding on the morning dew on the grass or anywhere i can get wet.
I love the feel of wet clothing and the way it clings to your body. I love the way the clothes shine when wet and just flow under water. It's even more of a turn on when you are wearing your best outfits when getting wet, like silks, leathers, denims and suits.
So to all those wet clothing fans out there, get out there and have some fun getting wet fully clothed.   
H20Hutch H20Hutch
41-45, M
2 Responses May 8, 2012

I used to think that i was the only person who had the love for wet clothing, I,ve seen people do it for religious reasons.<br />
But since i found Experience Project i have read from many other people as well as other people prazing me for my stories. <br />
I found my girl friend on Experience project and she has gotten into it as well.<br />
But now i know that there are other people out there with the same love as me, but i am still to find a person out there face to face. <br />
I would to meet people with the same love of wet clothing and organize a pool parties or even start a wetlook club or group.

Hi, nice to hear from another wet clothes fan. It's good to know there are many more of us out there.