I'm New Here And A True Story

Hi all. I just wanted to say hi and say its nice to read stories by other people who love to swim in their clothes!!!!!

I do have lots of experiences to share if anyone is interested.
A recent one was I was on a business trip in LA and came back from a dinner after a long day of travel and meetings and a dinner. I went up to my room to change into 501 button fly jeans and I kept the button down shirt I was wearing and went to the bar in the hotel. I had a beer and decided to look outside because I knew there was an outdoor pool at this hotel. There were a few kids playing in it so I walked past it and found the hot tub that was separated from the pool area by several bushes so you couldn't really see it. It was getting late and I knew the pool area would be closing soon, I just didn't know how strict this hotel was. The steam was rising from the hot tub and it looked so inviting! I wanted to feel the hot water on my feet so I grabbed a towel and sat on the edge of the hot tub and put my feet in. Of COURSE I didn't roll up my jeans, but felt the water get them wet and tease my ankles as I swirled my feet around in the water. After a few minutes of that I moved slower to the edge and felt my jeans get wet up to my shins as I continued to swirl my feet around in the hot, inviting water. I heard the kids leave the pool area and thought how nice it was to be outside at the hotel and have the area all to my self. I was getting more turned on as I was playing in the water. I decided to move even closer and now my jeans were wet up to my knees and I could feel the hems of the jeans touching my feet as my feet were moving. I was starting to rock as I moved my legs noticing that the more I rocked the more my knees would get wet. I was LOVING this feeling. My levis were dark to begin with and now they were getting so shiny that I thought my thighs had to get wet. As I scooted a little further a woman and her teenage son came around the corner. she said hello and I said hi and then the son said I'm going into the pool. so in her bikini she walked down the stairs and into the hot tub. I didn't stop moving my legs in the water and was noticing the water starting to get my jeans wet above the knees. I was loving it and it was a little bit of a thrill to be fully clothed next to someone who was only in a bikini. we started some small talk - where are you from, have you been to LA before etc. Then I said how nice the water felt. She said "I can see that" and chuckled. By this time I was wet up to mid thigh, maybe a bit higher and she said "I assume you don't have a bathing suit" and I said that I didn't. And I kept inching closer and closer to the edge of the hot tub. I was wet almost all the way up my thigh now, the jeans glistening in the lights around the pool. I was sooo turned on. She said "I think you should just get in" and I said "You think so? With all my clothes on?" And she said "yes, you're almost there already, and besides they'll dry". Teasingly I asked "Should I take my shirt off" She said "Well, that's up to you" And I looked at her and said "and how good it will feel" and stood up on the ledge inside the hot tub (I'm not sure if she could see how turned on I was in dark dark jeans and not great light) and just stepped right down into the deepest part and got my entire body soaked. It was wonderful!!!!!!!! It was an amazing experience. Can't wait for my next hotel trip!!!!! Hope you enjoyed this true story. wateretaw
wateretaw wateretaw
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Great story ! I would love to be in that situation.