A Birthday I Had

At the place I eat at, I ask a waitdess if she would push me in a swimming pool and she said no.It was cold that time of year like 39 at night and 59 during the day.So I went with a guy friend to a swimming pool that was unheated,we had to hop the the fence to get in.once we set up to take pics ,I lean over to check the water and he push me in, my body went nub at the hit of the water,he went in and he was out ,I stay in and swam for a while got out change toa warm set of clothes.when we left we had to hop the fence to get out.I had a bad time to get out because my body part would baerly move.afterwards I went back to the place i eat at.and I told the waitress that I took a swim and she smile,and she told everybody that she work with,I was still a little wet.I had dinner there and the place sang happy birday to me, and it was a good day.
wetmark wetmark
56-60, M
Sep 21, 2012