It's The Clinging...

In the words of the late lamented Frank Zappa 'and it's wet t-shirt time again'. I think for me it's an extension of that - I find women in wet clothes can be very sexy. The way the clothes cling to every curve; the way they go see-through - don't you just want to run your hands all over a woman in wet clothes?

My former wife and I experimented with this. We both had a fantasy of making love outdoors in the rain, but we couldn't wait to be in the right place at the right time. So we ran a warm bath. We got in, both fully clothed. We knelt down - I watched as the hem of her dress floated in the water, soaking it up.She sat down and the water soaked much more of her dress. It was clear to see from the expression on her face and her breathlessness that she was getting very turned on. She nudged me out of the way with her feet and lay right down in the bath, then sat up again. Her drss was soaked right through, it clung to her body. Her nipples showed through the fabris, really hard and pointed. She kind of lost interested in me getting wet and asked me to get undressed. In a minute or two I was stark naked with a huge hard-on. She stood up with her wet dress clinging to her body.

I squeezed her breasts and pinched her hard nipples through the wet material. She was gasping in pleasure. I pushed my hand up her wet dress and when my fingers touched her panties I could tell it was more than just water making them wet. I was so turned on by now - I pulled her drenched panties down and slid my fingers into her ***** wetness. She was gasping and moaning as I rubbed her ****. She begged me to **** her and helped me to get my aching **** into her *****. I ****** her on the side of the bath with her wet dress dripping over the floor. As I got close to my climax she asked me to *** over her, so when I reached the point I pulled out and directed my *** over her wet-dress-covered ****. She rubbed my *** into her breasts then made herself ****** with her wet dress pressed between her legs.

We played the game several times after that. ******* her from behind, her on all fours with her wet skirt clinging to her *** was good.

It is still a dream to have sex outdoors in the rain, though.
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4 Responses Feb 20, 2010

What a fantastic and very horny story !!!

Wow! What a wonderful story! I've experienced fully dressed, wet sex on a few rare occasions. The look and the feel is like nothing else on earth. And the sex was absolutely incredible!

Reading your story gets me so hot, especially this bit - "her wet skirt clinging to her ***".............................. excuse me, there's something I gotta do. Thanks.

Always better when wet.<br />
<br />
Doesn't have to be just rain though.