Shatner Rocks

In star trek her rocked the boat far too many time with the bad acting that he gave.....But he got the girls in the end you say.....Yes that is true.....But the writers wrote the story that way....So dis he really get the girls....I think not...


But now in Boston Legal....The show that he is on right now....He really rocks the house in that one...

His acting is great in this show....Well it fits the roll that he plays....A real ***.....And he is so great in in....Billy Boy....You have finally found your true calling....A T.V. Lawyer

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I watched it on an off station....something called the I network.....So I can still see them....But yes...I do agree that any new ones will be missed

I was so sad when I learned Boston Legal had been ended. We loved that show and tried never to miss it. It was wierd and quirky and they got away with some outrageous sfuff -- Hummm... Come to think of it.... maybe that's why I liked it! ;) It became a clever political forum, too. W. S. is not the only actor I will miss. There were several extremely fine actors and actresses on that show.

I do dnot think that it was just one actor that made the show......It was all of a team....And if you took one out of the mix...Well it would not have been the same

You should hear his "Common People" song he does with Joe Jackson which is arranged by Ben Folds.<br />
<br />
Great song!!