Dear All men

I can admit that almost all women are mysterious , they have an inner world that is completely mysterious to us , undiscovered  , full of treasures and disapointements , full of love and sympathy , yet glamourous , and angry ...You cannot touch their heart without being contaminated with lovely passions whether sexy or intimite or just affections....No master mind can prevail in understanding their inner hearts ...You have to discover this land and try to explore their maximum potentials ....It might be a dangerous act but it is worth it . Personally I cannot live without their love to us ....I am willing to take all risks nessesary just to obtain a glance of a smile from their witty lips . God bless them ...Eve was and still Mysterious to Adam up to this very moment .

lilianne lilianne
46-50, M
1 Response Jul 13, 2008

lilianne, thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.