Yes We Are Thank You For Noticing

You see us and wonder what we are thinking when we smile just that way .  Or we are are angry at you and you cant for the life of you figure out  why . ;)

Yes we are complex and  multi dimensional in thoughts and feelings . We have the smarts to analyze a situation and see the cold hard facts , but in touch enough with our emotions to show care and concern even if you don't deserve it.

We can love deeply and sacrifice everything for that one person even to the point of sacrificing  ourselves . We can also love you deeply but cut you loose if we know that is the only way .

We can be sweet and soft , compassionate and accepting but if you cross us or do something that is blatantly wrong or unjust , we will call you out on it and you better have a good reason for it

I hear so many men talk about their wives and girlfriends and scratch their heads in confusion , amazement ;) and I have to giggle at that and sigh this will never change .

But if you are lucky enough to be given the true deep love of a woman and you show her that love and respect back , you will be given the chance to hold in your arms a bewitching ,enchanting , mystery that has no solution ,that  will always intrigue and only gets better with time. ;)


If there was no mystery life would be rather dull wouldn't it ?

Sidney Buchman





softkitti softkitti
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7 Responses Oct 15, 2009

No kag dont seal anything off...sometimes you have to go through alot of oysters to find the pearl. I am sorry you have experienced that bad but dont close yourself off , because when you least expect it .. the love of your life will show up .=-D

Oh I know I won't ever understand, but you know women are not the only ones who can be mysterious. I have given up on most women, as far as I am concerned they are callous, cruel and care only about themselves. It's a shame because I have always respected women, I love women, but all I ever experienced was unrequited love and pain. I don't think the women of this world are even worth it. I feel like I should seal off mylove and kindness forever because women don't care about that stuff.

ahh dark knight spoken like a man who understands that he may never understand ... *giggles* sit back and enjoy the ride I say my fearless friend LOL.... thanks for commenting dalring ;-D

hmm interesting view and I agree to a certain point but even shy women , timid women , I believe have a certain allure to them .. a certain mystery to them ..sometimes it is not seen because it is the carefree attractive women in the room that grab the attention but it is there and I see it and I love that women have this quality ..but thanks that was a very deep comment hmmm dark and deep

okay that it do you have a brother I need his digits *hugs*

Oh if only all men thought like MM *sighs* ;)

Agreed..Man will solve every mystery and riddle that world presents him with except women....They will remain a mystery forever to men of all generations...As you said this only makes our life more interesting!