My Perception

Anyone can be mysterious.  Women seem to hide their selves more.  They have every reason to be that way.  They may be intimidated.  That is why some are mysterious.  You have to pry them to get them to open their mouths and share information.  It is good to be secretive and not too open.  I like to try to figure out what they are thinking.  Men too, but this group is about women, I guess.  More women are shy than men, typically.  It should take a while to get to know someone because if you try to absorb it all at once, you may forget it.  Some people try to move too fast in friendships and relationships and it does not turn out.  Some women are mysterious in the beginning and it helps out in the long-run.  Their partner or friend will die to know more about them each time they talk and become more excited to see them.  Whereas if they already knew everything, they would have little to talk about.

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2 Responses Mar 26, 2010

Haha. I don't think I'm mysterious at all. And if you saw me and observed me, you'd think I was a boring dull person because I don't think there is anything mysterious about me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. And I'm a simple soul. It's easy to get me. It depends on the woman. <br />
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I thought being open and honest and truthful was a good thing.... Yet, this society turns mystery and the unknown into a good desirable thing.. ...

I can also relate to your point of view. It depends on the person you are talking about.