Last Night

There you were. Gazing up into my eyes. Smothering me with a feeling of affections. A wave of kindness, warmth and affinity pooled in my head. Our minds in a type of vernacular only accustomed to lovers of a sincere and behemoth bond. And then I woke up. 14 hours later I paused and what was the pleasantness of that memorandum of said dream became a sad reminder that my life is, in a way far from delivering that moment in reality. It is always intensely human to want what we cannot have. Hope is still there, but hope is not a strategy. I need more.....So now, as my eyes stagger off and betray the day, I will Peel off and sleep, begging for that brief, subtle dream to return. Goodnight sadness.
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Can we come to the premiere even if we say something nasty?

The nastier the better please

This is beautiful... & melancholy.

Thank you. I was afraid to share it first but glad I did :)

I'm glad too. :)

The story has increased exponentially in its own right since posting. I think someday they will make a movie about it. All those who comment can come to the premiere.

Who's going to play the lead?

Spiffy. :)

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Wanting more than we's an annoying attribute

Sometimes the wanting helps, but most times it does not sadly, however in this case things are turning out to be very captivating and keeping me very fulfilled.

Lucky :P

Did I see you use the word vernacular??? Oh my goodness. If you happen to stumble upon my story about my favorite will now why I'm melting in your hands right now. That's one way to get me sprung.

I must search!!!!!!!!! Brb :)

Still in awe

Me too.

I love the word sprung

Its my 2nd fave

Oh really?

I think my 2nd fav word is now Larry.

My favourite word is gusset. I've no idea why

Lmao. Awww. That made my day!

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I know that bitter sweet feeling. The dream is so sweet, and awaking is the bitter part.

So true. I re-read this and I smile about the dream and remorse about the reality. I need to laugh now. Enough of this mockery!

Who said you can't have your dream?

I could, but she has to agree, otherwise I will end up in jail. That'd be bad

Why does your dream reside only in one person?

Are you hitting on me again joey? Lol......It doesn't have to be but it was a pretty good person

I only hit on Goliath. He's the only one for me. :)

Often times, letting go of a dream is all you need to move on and find the beautiful reality.

Well said.

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:( X infinity