My Wife Likes Me To Finger **** Her

Suzi loves to **** and is always horny. When we are out in public and can't **** she likes me to finger her. She loves ******* best but when we can't **** she loves for me to finger-**** her, especially in front of others. Just off the top of my head I will share seven instances of when Suzi wanted me to finger-**** her in public... 1) Suzi was helping out Anh, a Vietnamese friend of Su's, by standing in at her store one Saturday when Anh couldn't be there. It required Suzi to stand behind a counter (that hit Suzi just above her waist and just below her ****) and accept payment for things that the customers picked up at the store. Suzi called me and asked me to come keep her company and when I got there she had me sit in a chair just behind her and a little to the side while she waited on customers. Suzi had on a mini skirt and it didn't take me long to begin to caress her legs and rub her ***** while she waited on the customers. And, of course, in no time I was fingering her. I fingered her that whole morning until I had to go while she waited on customers. It gave me a perverse pleasure to be fingering her in front of all those customers (the store was very busy), albeit I am not sure what they could see since there was a counter between them and us. I am sure by the noises and expressions Suzi was making they knew something was going on... 2) Another time Suzi's mother was in town and we went to her grandmother's and aunt's to visit with them. We were visiting with them (Suzi and I were sitting on a small couch in the living room with her mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt and uncle seated across and also to the side of us) and after a few minutes Suzi reached over and spread a quilt over our laps then took my hand and placed it on her *****. I knew what she wanted and rubbed then fingered her **** the whole time we were there until it was time to go. Again, by the sounds and expressions Suzi was making I am sure her mother, et. al. knew I was finger-******* her but they didn't say anything... 3) One summer afternoon we were at a lake party - I forget now what the occasion was but there were several people there we hadn't met - and we standing in waist-high water in the lake visiting with some people when Suzi leaned up against me and began to rub her *** up against my **** and brought my arms and placed them around her. Soon she took my hand and put it on her ***** and I began to finger her in the lake while we visited with these strangers. I fingered her for several minutes before Suzi asked me if we could leave and go **** somewhere. Of course, I did as she asked... 4) Whenever we went anywhere in a car Suzi always wanted me to finger her and she would caress my **** or even on occasion blow me while we drove. Sometimes she would get so hot while we were driving along she would ask me to pull over to the side of the road so we could ****. Other times we would make it back home and she would race to the bed room throwing off piece of clothing all the way to the bed until she finally jumped in naked, then practically attacked me when I got there... 5) Of course, this finger-******* in the car led to playing games with truckers. Suzi liked to pretend she was asleep with her skirt pulled up and her bare ***** showing while I drove alongside a big tractor-trailer. She liked giving the truck-drivers a peek at her *****. More often that not she would let me finger **** her while we drove alongside a big semi... 6) whenever we went on a long trip, e.g. as ski trip or trip to the beach, Suzi likes to pack the boys in the back of the Suburban and then when it got dark she would take my hand and place it on her ****, wanting me to finger her while we drove.  I would finger-**** her for hours until we finally reached out destination.  Suzi loved getting finger-****** on long trips...   7. Suzi sometimes likes to watch **** movies, esp black-on-Asian ****, and likes me to play with her ***** and finger **** her during the movie until she finally gets so hot she wants to ****...  

These seven instances are fairly typical of times Suzi wanted me to finger-**** her in public. Suzi loves to **** and when she can't **** she loves to be finger-******. I think Suzi is probably typical of most Asian girls in that they are very horny and generally are more horny than are American women. I don't know why that is but I love it that Suzi is so horny.
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Really hot story, thanks for sharing. My gf is Asian too, she loves getting finger-******, but she's still a bit nervous when it comes to more public settings. Hope I can slowly chip away at her reservations so that I'll have no qualms about fingering her whenever I want in the future.

My wife is Asian and I fingered **** her in public too. One time we were on 4-5 hr bus ride from one city to another. The bus was packed and we were sitting in the front row on a bulkhead double seat. During the trip I put my hand underneath her butt and I poked and rubbed her ***** from outside of her jeans. She in turn squeezed my **** using my jacket to cover. She had 3-4 ******* during the ride. When she came she put her legs straight and her whole body was shaking. But she couldn't moan because people were going on and off the bus, it was so exciting for us...

Very hot.

mmm loved to hear about Suzi's appetite for fingers and a good ****!<br />
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thanks. yes, i agree. i would hate to have a wife who wasn't horny