It All Started With My Finger !

As a little dicked submissive girly/boy , I started fingering my ******* (boypussy) at a young age , like 12/13 years old. At night or after school whenever I had a chance to be alone I would finger my *** and dream of some hot boys from school using me as there sex object … my little **** would get so stiff as I slid one then two then three fingers in and out stretching and probing and learning all about my boy ***** , fantasizing and practicing for the day I could have the real thing …… it was great fun and it was always a challenge to stretch it more , soon I went from fingers to objects … vegetables ….bottles …. Anything smooth hard and round… I also learnt to douche myself and would clean myself well so I could finger and probe myself for Hours at a time I would try all different positions in front of the mirror and would dress up in my sisters close and **** myself silly … I would also set up my father’s video camera and make my own **** videos dressed up screwing myself with my mothers vibrater and progressively larger objects now years later and many real ***** later I still love fingering my *** ( : and it all started with a finger and Vaseline !!!!
italyboy italyboy
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I'm the opposite, Young dom.

You guys started so early, I'm a very late arrival to this party but I love my bum teased now. I hope to have it ****** one day.