Many Years Ago

Back in the 80s things were a lot more "open" than they seem to be in general these days. My then wife and I would often go to our friends' place to watch videos, drink, chat and generally have fun.

One cold night, we were all quite drunk and decided that my wife and I and another male friend who had come along with us would stay at the other couple's place because we couldn't drive home. It was a fairly small apartment with only two bedrooms, and when the male of the other couple went to bed (pretty tanked),we remaining four - including his wife - crowded into the double bed in the spare room to stay warm.

Being under the covers made it easy to touch, and it wasn't hard to notice that my wife was getting close and cosy with our other male friend. Rather than be jealous, it inspired me to start cuddling into my friend's wife, and pretty soon it was apparent to her that I was "enjoying" the closeness.

Seeing that my wife and friend were pretty well occupied with each other, my friend's wife suggested "hot chocolate" and asked if I'd help her make some. We got up and went to the kitchen where she turned and planted a huge wet kiss on me. We wrestled tongues for a couple of minutes, and then she did something I'd never expected - she knelt down on the floor in front of me and unzipped my pants! I was fully erect, and virtually sprang out of my jeans, and she was on it immediately and hungrily, sucking and tugging like it was the best thing she'd ever had.

It took me very little time to ***, and she swallowed every drop.

Then, like nothing had happened, we quickly made the hot chocolate and climbed back into bed where my wife was looking extremely flushed as though she'd been "busy" too. After we finished the chocolate, my friend's wife said "I'm going to check on my husband", and left to go to the main bedroom. Left alone with my wife and other friend, I sat and watched them "cuddle" (pretty obvious they were doing everything short of *******), and I started to get hard again.

My friend's wife was gone for what seemed like ages, and my wife and her pleasure partner had dropped off to sleep in each others arms. When friend's wife eventually came back she slid into bed next to me, kissed me gently, and guided my hand to her *****. As I slid my fingers into her warm hole, I noticed it was very wet and very sticky - she whispered to me "I needed to be ******". The reason she had gone to "check" on her husband was that she wanted **** - she woke him from his drunken sleep and ****** him, and then brought her well-used **** back for me to feel!!

I was totally turned on at this point - which at the time I thought was so strange - and I tried to slip my **** into her, but she wouldn't be in it - "Not with them here" she whispered.

It would be several months before I got to feel her soft juicy **** again, and again it was alcohol and circumstances (midnight skinny dip in our pool where she wrapped her legs around me and my **** slipped straight into her).

Damn they were good times.
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Wow sounds like fun!!!! Wish something like this would happen to me...

yep - i lived that time too - was a lot of fun - much like your story...

hot story thanks

what a great time...did you and your wife ever discuss what she did that night?

She claimed (as always) that she didn't do anything, but she was a chronic liar. She had been rooting the guy before this, but doing it behind my back and thinking I didn't know. I didn't actually care about the rooting, just that when she was caught out she kept denying.

Good story! If you liked the 80's you would have LOVED the 60's and 70's!

I often feel I came of age at the right time in history. I have many great memories of wild times back then. I only wish we had had the digital photography we have now, so I could have recorded some of those events to replay the memories.

Polaroid was the king of the heap then!!