Old Shoes Don't Need To Be Shined

Earlier in the week, I composed a four part erotic email. I worded one for my girlfriend and one for my wife. My girlfriend replied by telling me how horny she was and wet and desperate for me to **** her anxiously awaiting the next part each day.  My wife, oh for a second there I thought maybe I didn’t send it, but I found part one in my sent items folder without reply.

I'm just wondering how much longer I should put forth an effort to shine those old shoes.
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Buy her tickets to a concert she wants to go to?

It is unfortunate when the playfulness goes out of a longstanding relationship. My wife and I still have sex (though not nearly often enough), and at times the sex can be fairly good. But I, too, find that out sex life has become mundane, despite the fact of having various sexual activities. The act of sex is only part of the sex-life... the attitude, the playfulness, the joy, those are all parts as wel.. Sad to say that I am now seeking more adventure in my sex life, and have been exploring alternate lifestyles (swinging/bisexual/group sex) on the side.<br />
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Mind you, I haven't given up easily; I've tried sensual massage, kinky lingerie, giving more oral sex, giving more sensual stimulation without any sexual pressure... I've tried softcore ****, romantic movies, sensual/erotic movies, erotic literature... she used to enjoy being my erotic model for photographs, but even that has ceased now. I feel that our relationship is coming to an end, and that I have tried everything I can think of to bring it back to life.

Density sorry destiney is probably pissed because her man left her because she never put out for him. now she has to trash guys who remind her of her man. <br />
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Sexcapades i like your reply.

I am sure you raised your child and grandchildren to see honor in the way you have stalked and abused me today. I know that you are ill and need help, but I have my own problems. 36-40 year old grandmother with no knowledge of grammatical conventions and poor spelling (throughout your EP participation) explains a great deal to me regarding your need to feek superior to some. So, I'm pleased that my sexual problems can amuse you and make you feel better about yourself. The only problem with your system is that since it is a false superiority, the effects on your life won't be lasting. You'll feel hollow and empty again soon and need to fill the space by attacking and abusing another.