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Random Thoughts

Many years ago, I worked with a man, who had a black corvette.  He would often say, I want to die in my Corvette, which was his prized possession.

Memory Flashback Today....He did die in his black Corvette, when he went underneath a semi-truck at a very speed.

Makes you stop, think and wonder for him....Was it all worth it???

PeedeeDog PeedeeDog 66-70 3 Responses Jul 20, 2009

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no it is never worth it like that. I wrote a little poem about that.

I woke up this morning
i hurried to get dressed.
I drove down the freeway
And i really was impressed.
By all the other traffic
that was hurrying on by.
I thought to my self
Look how fast they rush,
like they just can't wait to die.
You hear about those kinds
of accidents in the news just every day.
and see the tangled wreckage
all strewn along the way
It might have been much better
if they had not been so rushed.
Then the empty rooms of homes
would not be so very hushed.


Yikes! I'd say no. Kind of a high price to pay for putting such a high price on one's possessions.