Who Should Carry Out Fire Risk Assessments – Employees Or Professional Consultants?

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From a legal perspective, anyone who is deemed to be ‘competent’ has the authority to carry out fire risk assessments within the workplace. This means that technically, any employer or employee can be assigned this task. However, not everyone will necessarily be capable of handling this responsibility, as in order to be competent, they must have sufficient experience, knowledge and training.

The problem here is that employers, not realising how crucial competency is in relation to fire risk assessments, unwittingly place this burden on managers or employees, without considering whether that person has the skills, knowledge or even the time to meet the demands of such assessments. This can lead to the endangerment of other employees, if the designated person fails to properly identify and assess fire hazards. Furthermore, if this failure results in an injury or accident, the legal ramifications would be extremely serious for the company.

As such, unless an employer is willing to invest a great deal of time and money in training an employee and providing them with the information they would need to carry out this task correctly, it is best left to a professional consultant, particularly when you consider that the money and resources used to train an employee would be far greater than the costs associated with hiring a consultant.

Consultants who specialise in fire risk assessments follow the guidelines issued by the Fire and Rescue Services, the HSE and HM Government – these include how to identify fire hazards and persons at risk, how to evaluate these risks, record all findings, and monitor and review risk-reduction procedures they implement. As these consultants have years of experience in such matters, they’re likely to be able to carry out this work far more efficiently, and to a much higher standard, than even a well-trained employee would be able to.

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Dec 13, 2012