Why Thousands Of Companies Across The Uk Hire Health & Safety Consultants

Almost every business will eventually reach a point where it requires help with the management of its health and safety procedures. This may be due to the expansion of the company, which has made its health and safety issues more complex, or because this expansion has resulted in the triggering of legislative requirements. For other businesses, it may be the case that the company’s management team simply doesn’t have the time, knowledge or the resources to implement and monitor these procedures by themselves. In these types of situations, it’s common for companies to hire health and safety consultants.

Health and safety consultants offer their expert skills and knowledge, so as to create and promote a safe working environment, thus ensuring that occupational risks are kept to a minimum. No business is too large or small to benefit from this type of service; from agencies to multinational corporations, safety has to be a top priority in order for any organisation to thrive. Health and safety consultants often work in conjunction with company directors, employers, employers and even trade unions.

Consultants are responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures are followed, and that all legislation relating to health and safety is adhered to by everyone in the workplace. They can create policies which are tailored to specific work environments, and will help with their implementation, monitoring and review. This service helps to minimise occupational injuries, accidents and health problems, and can also reduce operational losses. If you are considering hiring a consultant, make sure that they are fully accredited by the IOSH.

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Many companies hire health and safety consultants so they are sure they wont get shut down. They abide by the most minimum requirements as health and safety inspectors are not knowledgeable in all areas of work. Health and safety inspectors have to be reported to, to investigate a company and this is often the employees. SO, this is not done often due to fear of being sacked.

Big industry constantly promotes idiot staff to safety and procedural officers. If they don't promote another idiot to replace the old idiot, the old idiot gets experienced over time, costing them millions of pounds in savings the new idiot would not notice or mention to managers/bosses. This is a standard practice of big business in industry for PLAUSABLE DENIABILITY. This is probably how Volkswagen FAKED emmisions testing / failed testing etc, or similar method.

Steel industries do this. HSE is useless in industry.