Changing Careers Midlife!!

I think I want to be a fireman. See, right now, I have a great job, great pay, great security -- people tell me i'm crazy for thinking about changing that... Problem is, thats what I need - change! I research and research the profession of firefighting... I've submitted my name to become a volunteer firefighter to get some experience... I even am registering for EMT basic course this fall. Bottom line, sometimes people can be obstacles and put up resistance roadblocks when you mention change... overcome - follow your dreams -- realize your potential! I am - even if it takes a while to do!
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Good job! Keep going in the direction you want to go in. I respect and admire people like you who are willing to sacrifice the comforts and security of their current career in order to change directions and do what they truly want to do in their life.<br />
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People who know and care for you will always throw out obstacles. Look at it as being a check and balance kind of thing. Those folks just want to make sure you're doing the right thing and not going off half cocked somewhere. From what I've read, it sounds to me like you really know what you want and you'll do what it takes to get there.<br />
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I've met many people out there who were looking to change careers. I'm one of them. In my opinion, friends and relatives throwing obstacles in your way are the least of your worries. The biggest inhibitors that I've seen to career change comes from within. It's the fear of failure. It's the lack of a clear cut direction. It's the fear of taking a cut in pay. In your case, I don't sense any of this. So, I wish you luck in achieving your goals.