Korea, Up In Smoke.

I had drank before. but that was as far as the experience had gone at this point. i was 19 and stationed in South Korea. I befriended some of the coolest people i know in South Korea. They introduced me to pot. I had come across pot before but never smoked it. In Korea, i smoked it. I was always a little offish and would have to be pushed into my next puff. By the end of the year i was smokin a blunt every day, and around 15 on a non work day. By the end of my year in Korea i was snortin pill, smokin pot, drinkin at work and tryin any and every drug i could find. Luckily i got out of Korea. It probably saved my life. But damn it was fun.
silentsoldier silentsoldier
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 21, 2012

Glad your wisdom has kept you from a habit that only brings people down and takes away their true being---leaving them empty and void. I admire and respect you, stand proud of your worth.