Preteen Wanted Wanted His Testicles To Be Tortured

When I was a preteen I use to make my balls hurt in ways so that I could pretend someone else hurt them by laying on my back in bad with my legs spread wide while throwing can foods in the air in hopes to hit my balls and once my balls were hurting from being hit by cans falling onto them pretend I was being made fun while I was suffering from the devastating pain in my balls that she so easily just caused me to suffer only because I have stupid testicles hanging between my legs.
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did she love busting your balls

I had a friend that liked to be hurt there. We would go to my tree house and I would punch him when he laid on his back. He said it hurt so bad after I punched his soft spot so many times but it felt good at the same time?????!!! I got him to pull his pants off and he laid back and held his knees up and I found out that the bag with the two little balls in it was where he liked to be punched. One day I was under my step dads desk fooling around and he was typing. I could see a big bulge in his pants leg and I knew it had to be his bag. I reached up and punched it firmly and he said oh that hurt, I did it again and he froze. I punched at least a hundred times over and over for a long time and he just sat there saying that it was moving up his belly and felt so good. I punched harder and harder then I saw a huge wet spot on his pants and asked him what is was and he said that I made him come. I did not know what "come" meant. He finally took his pants off one day and laid back and I punched his "big" bag and could see his gigantic balls moving under my fist coming into him real hard, I made it shoot out and saw it all come out !!! It was awesome.

i used to do the same thing with a basketball. toss it up and hope it landed just right.