Hurting Young Guys

I started kicking guys when i was about 7. I remember making my step dad curl up from a kick so I knew that balls were weak when I was 7. But I had the chance to try kicks on real young guys and also on guys that had grown big balls after puberty. When I was little I could drop boys my age real easy and had to kick bigger guys several times or real hard to make them go down. Then I discovered pointed shoes. I learned that I could kick boys in high school when I was in grade school and violently drop them to the ground. The pointed shoes damage balls real easy and you don't have to kick hard at all. When I got older I loved to surprise young guys at 12 or 13 and see how they react when they got their first kick from a girl. I never kicked them hard but wow did they learn about their weak spot in a surprising way. They curled up and writhed around showing intense pain and had trouble breathing. I always asked them over and made sure they still worked ha ha.
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You're a goddess your wonderful

I was 13 when this younger guy came over to see my brother. I started talking to him about sex somehow and he said he had never done anything but wanted to. I said "really"??? He said yeah but "i'm to shy to try it". I said well today is your lucky day, come here. He walked over to me and I said I know what feels the best, do you trust me? He said yes. So I punched his balls real fast and he hit the ground. I told him that I wanted to tenderize his balls first. He groaned and could not move. I went down and unzipped his pants and found his stuff, it was nice. I rolled his nearly developed testicles in my fingers and he got hard as a rock. He was so embarrassed and I laughed at him. I pulled his pants off and admired his beautiful body laying there and told him that his belly and thighs were nice as heck. His balls were still super tender and I pulled my shorts off and sat on his thighs and massaged his balls more. I moved up and sat on him and reached down and slid it in me. His eyes bugged out and he said it feels so warm and good. He started wiggling a little and I told him to relax and that it will happen fast and will feel so good. He reacted so funny and I could feel him coming hard inside me. I tensed up over and over and this milked him. I got up and it ran out all over the place, it was so much !!! He was shocked and I said "that's right all that came out of you" !!! He said really?? I told him that his balls make it by the gallon. I waited a little while and played with his balls more then did it again, this time he pumped me a few times before it shot out. The next time I sat on him (maybe 15 minutes later) and I taught him how to pump me real fast and hard, I came 3 times before he did. Then I laid next to him massaging his tired balls for a long time. My brother came into my room and saw us laying there naked and smiled and said you made him come didn't you?? I said yes can't you see the mess. This kid said can we do it again, I said sure any time you want to. I spent a lot of nights with my brother and the friends he invited over to spend the night and kept their balls empty as we grew up and they loved it.

This man and his wife came over to see my parents, they had a boy about 9 and he came up to my room and told me that I was pretty (I was 10). He was standing right in front of my foot as I sat on my bed. He was unaware that I could simply raise my foot and get him easy. He said something real funny and I did it by laying back real fast and "accidently" kicking my foot up. I heard a thump and raised up and he was laying on the floor curled up. I said to myself "yep I got him". He was red faced and I said did I hit your testicles, i'm sorry. He had this surprised look on his face and you could tell it was his first time getting racked. I told him that it will hurt his tummy a lot and then go away in about 15 minutes unless they get ruptured. He said what is that and I said its when your ball gets busted open, not the sac. I slowly moved my fingers in circles on his lower tummy and then he laid open and I slid my hand into his pants and felt to see if they were ok. One was ok (small) but ok and the other one I had to push back down into the sac. It was a little bigger and I knew my foot got it. As I rubbed them he kept drawing that hurt one back up with his ball muscle I guess. I told him to relax and let them hang down. His balls were nice. He blushed when he finally could walk back where his parents were. I winked at him. He smiled. Later that week he came back and wanted to see me. I felt him some more and he learned about girls stuff. He was scared but I laid him down and sat on his lap and had to find out about it going in. I put the end of it in me and he moved up into me and it slid in and I relaxed like I read and it was not bad. Over a few minutes he lost it but stayed hard and I began to move and it all went in and wow did I get off over and over as I wiggled side to side and up and down some. I got him over for years and he lived in me, ha ha. Best sex ever !!!

yesterday this friend of my dads started teasing me and wrestling around. I hit him with the side of my hand in the balls and he violently curled up and started gasping for air. I said oh did i get your balls? He said i got him good. I helped him up and we went on a 4 wheeler into the trees, I could tell the bumps hurt him more. When we got there i said come here and i got on my knees and had him stand in front of me, I rubbed his crotch and told him that i could help him. I eventually unzipped his pants and pulled them down and played with his loose sac of balls, he was hard as a rock. I made the pain go away then sucked on him some until he got it out.. it did not take long, it never does. I am telling you after a man is ruptured he is easier to please and is so sensitive that rolling his balls around drives him wild, they get off super fast. But you can't hit them again, it really hurts them bad and could kill them.