Hurting Young Guys

When I was 15 this younger guy (about 12) came over to stay the night with my brother. I was wrestling around with him and he grabbed my ****. I jerked my knee into his balls and he violently curled up. We were laughing and he said "you wrecked my balls". He could not uncurl and was hurt pretty bad. I rubbed his balls through his pants and finally his belly and undid his pants and felt them to make sure they were ok. They were pretty small and I told him that they would get much bigger in a year and he would have to be more careful to protect them or he would not be able to have kids. I asked him if he had ever seen the ***** come out and he said no. I told him not to be scared because a lot comes out the first time and it feels crazy good. He was scared but let me play with him. He got a little ***** right away and I sucked on it and almost immediately he shot a gross amount of ***** at me and it was yucky and chunky, it hit the wall and i was shocked at how much came out, he was really badly backed up. I explained that it would take him a few minutes to recharge and then i could do it again a few more times, he said ok. Each time less came out and I noticed that his little balls drew up inside of him. Needless to say he came over real often and wanted me to empty him again, he was fun and it was cool to actually see his balls get bigger until they were full size. I swear that when i started making him come it accelerated the growth of his balls.
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This kid told his friends and I ended up watching them develop too while i tended to their needs. It was facinating and i was surprised at how frustrated these younger guys were because no girls their age would take care of them. Guys have needs they produce seed and it backs up and they get frustrated. I had a girl about 12 come over and said she wanted to watch and learn how to make a boy get off. She sat there while I played with him and then i got her to feel his balls and put some oil on her hand and she got him off real quick. She was facinated too. Then she watched him put it in me when i bent over and i explained how to flex my muscles to make him come, after a few times she let him put it in and made him come immediately.