My First Ball Bust

my step dad bent over doing something and i kicked him from behind in what i thought was his butt with my pointed shoe. I did not kick real hard but fast. I was 7. He yelled and violently curled up on the floor. I said "whats wrong", he said i got his balls. I wondered "balls??" Then i talked my step brother who was 14 into letting me get in the shower with him. I saw and felt balls and washed them too. I also saw what came out when i washed his D**k. it went all over my chest and was hot. He let me knee, kick and squeeze his to find out how tender they were. I was only 7 and I could drop him to his knees by squeezing them. I had to take one in each hand because they were so big. He showed me how the pain goes up into the belly and how guys loose their strength and have to go down.
My mom said i caused swelling in one of my step dads balls. She said now you know how to put a man down if he bothers you. I sat on his lap on day and wiggled my butt on him, I felt his balls slipping around under me. I told him that I wanted to help them not hurt them. I rubbed his through some loose sweat pants and found the swollen one and rubbed it a long time. This ball was swollen for two weeks and I finally got the swelling to go down.
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The time I kicked my step dad from behind and put him down (I was 7) he was hurt bad and I sat under a cover on his lap and he said be careful not to sit on my balls because they still hurt, you got one good. I just sat beside him and reached over and rubbed his crotch through his sweat pants. He just froze and seemed shocked that I was doing it but did not stop me. I fished around and quickly felt him get so hard and it was gigantic. After that it was easy to find his balls they were huge. I rolled each one around and the way I was fishing them out through his pants hurt him some on his left one. So I just reached my hand inside his pants and found it and ever so gently rolled it quickly through my fingers for several hours. I did both balls and simply could not believe what I had in my hands, they were soooo big and real firm. The left one was very swollen compared to the right one and so easy to hurt with gentle squeezes. He said I built up a lot of pressure so I went to the bath room and he showed me how to shake it and a bunch of stuff came out in bursts. It was awesome.

when I was in grade school my friend told me that guys were weak there and she showed me. She walked up to this older boy and quickly kicked him with her pointed shoes. He bent and got this funny look on his face and said "is that supposed to hurt?". He tried to stay up and could not, he went to one knee and had this helpless look on his face then to both knees and his hands, then curled up on the ground. He did not know at first that she connected with his balls so good. He stayed there for 15 minutes and could not move at all !!! I said wow !! Every time a boy bothered me I did the same thing, I missed at first then watched my much older step brother in the shower so I got in with him and washed his body and felt his stuff and saw where and how they hung down. I tested them out with a few squeezes and he bent over and groaned and I knew why boys went down so easy, they are very tender. I had to know where they were because after finding out how small a boys bag is I had to be accurate. I was on this bus with a boy when I was real young and felt his crotch during a bus trip at night on our way to a boys basketball team game. I got the nerve to pull down his trunks and played with his stuff, his bag was small but loose and his balls were the size of small marbles but oval shaped, they were very firm feeling. He liked it when I rolled them around and did little squeezes to find out how tender they were. His friend and a few other boys were watching me do it. One boy said can I try that, I said sure. He sat down next to the other side of me and I did the same thing to his. These guys got super hard and I shook their things until stuff shot out, it was their first time and the funny thing is it shot over two seats and nailed a few girls that I knew, they said EWWWWW!!! But did get out a flashlight and looked at it and played with it. They were saying its millions of babies all over the place. This got to be a regular thing and I got nearly every boy on the team off during the next trip in the bus. IT WAS SO HOT.

well this girl accidently kicked me in the **** one day and I doubled over, it hurt so bad. It hurts so much to get hit in the boob, but I can still move. I guess a kick to a girl would drop her if I hit her **** !! But it does not hurt girls like it does guys. Girls don't try to hit boobs they know it hurts bad but we always go for the balls because it totally shuts guys down. I have never seen a guy get any kind of shot to his testicles without going down and becoming extremely disabled. My brother tried to choke me when he was 8 so I jerked my knee up and he dropped and was down for 1/2 hour. My mother pulled his pants down and I saw his bag and it was empty. I watched her push on his lower belly and work both of them into his bag, she made me feel them so I would know what they were and they were so tender. They were real little and I was sorry that I kneed such small weak things. She said that the same thing would happen if I kneed my dad, I said really??!! She said his were much bigger but still weak. I did not understand so I asked my step dad if his were tender and he said yes but not as weak as a little boys. I said can I knee you and see, and he said sure. He did not think I could knee very hard so he let me step in and jerk my knee up (I was 7). I got him with the end of my knee and it felt soft there like a sponge, he yelled and dropped. He wiggled back and forth and said he did not know I could do it that hard. I undid his pants and was surprised to find hair first of all then, but I worked my fingers like my mom did on my brother and felt to lumps in his lower belly, I pushed them down and was shocked to see two huge balls drop into his loose sac. His thing was huge and I felt his testicles and they were the same as my brothers but much bigger and real tender. I rolled them around and made him better and his thing got gigantic, I held it while I experimented on his balls. He had lumps on the end of them which was cool and it hurt him when I pinched them. I saw an enormous amount of juice come out when I rubbed his thing and it shot straight up in bursts and he felt so good. I got addicted to doing this and it was so much fun.

Oh Tina!
You have had many colorful ball adventures. Balls seem to fascinate you as you learned to render them helpless in every instance. Now that your curiosity has experienced secrets of balls, what would you do to take a woman down? Would pointed shoes find a tender waiting crotch with a quick surprise? And then would she crumple to floor with another surprise to her crotch (clitoris and vagina) as that is where there are many nerve endings? Do you believe that men are rightly justified to treat women's crotches as you have treated men? Why shouldn't men kick women in their tender spots so men can learn how vulnerable and easy it is to take any women down? You must realize that their are many women in the United States that actually beat up on their submissive husbands on a daily basis. Perhaps these mistreated men should practice some tender pointed toe touching to tame their female adversaries.
Most of all, I thank you sincerely for sharing your stories. They accurately described many ball experiences that we can learn from as well as have mutual respect for both men and women..
Looking forward to your thoughts on men kicking women.
p,s. I have never kicked a women in the crotch nor punched her breasts for any reason and likewise, have never been kicked in the balls but have landed them on my bicycle bar, when my foot slipped on the pedals ooooOOOOHHH-yeAH!

When i was 7, me and a kid a few years older than me were wrestling around and he kept pinning me down. I wanted to win so while he was getting on top of me I jerked my knee up into his balls. His eyes bugged out and he curled up, then i pinned him. He said did you do that on purpose and I said yes I know where balls are. I rubbed his tummy for a long time and slowly worked my fingers down to his balls. I started to put my hand down his pants to rub them and he moved away and I told him to lay still and that i would not hurt him. He laid there smiling and I slid my hand slowly down his pants and his thing was getting hard and i moved it out of the way after feeling it then got a hand full of balls, I gently rolled them around, they were small but he was young. He loosened his pants for me making it easier. I did this a long time and he layed there motionless and moaned. Then I pulled on his thing and fluid slowly oozed out making my hand slick. He came over a lot and i did exactly the same routine to him each time, each time i got him harder and harder with my knee.