I Learned That I Liked Hurting Boys Very Young

I wrestled with my brothers friend and accidently got his balls with my knee when I was 7. He reacted to it and i wondered why this boy that was a few years older got hurt so easy there. He told me his belly and balls hurt??? I rubbed his tummy for a long time and knew that his balls must be lower. He liked it when i moved my fingers in little circles. He was wearing loose swimming type trunks. I moved my massage down that beautiful line that goes down the side of the abs. I slowly got lower and lower and he loved it and I suddenly wanted to make him happier. He let me keep going and I ended up feeling something harder, it must have been the base of his thing. I kept going and came to loose skin then felt a ball in it, then another one. I was amazed and felt them both over and over. I could not resist and had to know how tender they were, so i squeezed one, he bent over. He got hard and his thing was big, it was cool. I barely squeezed a ball and could paralyze him, it was so cool. Once I knew about balls and exactly where they were, boys were in trouble. Squeezing balls taught me how hard to kick them to drop a guy and not rupture him. The other girls in school watched me kick boys and put them down so they asked me where the balls were, I explained it to them and showed them where they were. The girls started nailing guys at random when they wanted them on the ground. Finally a female teacher got us together and asked us to stop kicking boys so we would not rupture them. She explained about how balls made ***** and it made babies. Then I had to see it come out so I messed with my brothers friend while he was asleep and saw it shoot out, wow. I learned that an older boy had huge balls and everything and shot ***** out.
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i had a karate instructor grab me in a bear hug after class and said now what do you do. I reached back quickly and slid my hand down his pants and got a nut. He froze and said wow that was fast and i squeezed and he bent over and groaned. I squeezed for a while then rubbed it tenderly to help the pain go away, then he said that one hurts can you do the other one. I quickly let it go and plop had the other one. he said you have been handling balls a lot to be able to be do quick and accurate with your fingers. I said yep i have played with guys for a while. I did that one then rubbed it and the other one for a long time and asked him if he felt better and he said you know i do. I slid my hand over his thing and it was so hard and big i had to spend a little time on it, ha ha. I did not want to tease him because i know that hurts guys balls so i tugged on him a few times and got it out. He was shocked that i knew how to do it so efficiently at my age.

Damn. I wish I went to your school...

I am still trying to understand why more comes out at different times?? I got my friend off four nights in a row and watched it come out. The first day a lot, then less each day. Then on the last day wham a bunch came out again. I don't know if its me that is causing more to come out or if its the way a guys body works???? I tried to squeeze balls different ways to see if that affected it any?? Can anyone shed any light on this??

The ***** is produced continuously by the testicles, so it accumulates when it is not released. The big shots come when the guy did not ********* for a long time. He might come faster too, and be less able to hold on.

Since I was about 6 I used knees and kicks to put boys down. The young boys were real surprised when I jerked the end of my knee up between their legs and taught them for the first time that they had something very very sensitive between their legs. They looked confused and embarrassed at the same time. But I noticed that they could not move at all, paralyzed by it. So I guess I was catching them pretty good and hard. I used to grind them there with my knee and noticed that every one of them got hard. I did not know why I felt such a change down there for a long time until I sat under a blanket with a man in an arm chair. I "accidently" tossed my hand on his package and acted like I did not know it was there. I just let it lay there and felt something get real long and hard under my hand. I moved my hand now and then as if to adjust its position. This made it even harder. I was curious so I just started rubbing it and he wiggled some. I grabbed it and moved it up and down some and it got huge. I had to know so I unzipped his pants and pulled it out and tugged on it some then had to know what balls were so I reach down and pulled them out and they were huge. I took one in my little hand (I was 7) and squeezed it as hard as I could and he groaned and bent some, this made me feel strong and I knew that this was what I was hurting that was so sensitive. It hurt the little guys more. I was thinking wow if this man was trying to hurt me I could have a ball in my hand and squeeze as hard as I could and only make him bend a little !!?? My mom told me that she could rupture testicles with her grip and actually kill a man easily by doing this. I tried it again with the same man when I was 9 and could totally double him over and make him beg for mercy. But still could not rupture it open, but did feel it give in like it was going to rupture. When I was 12 this man tried to rape me and I squeezed his testicle, he was shocked to see how easily and quickly I got a nut, then I ruptured it by squeezing. He passed out and the cops got him.

You have a fascination for busting balls, and I have a fascination for having my balls busted. What a coincidence.

My step brother was taking a shower and I got in with him when I was almost 8. He was 14, he tried to turn away from me but I turned him around and said I want to see. I got some soap and washed his stuff, it was so cool and slippery. He jerked now and then if I pulled or got to rough with his testicles so I had to be careful. I pulled on his hard thing over and over and washed it and this juice shot out in bursts and hit my chest as I held it. I could feel it pumping and tugged some more. He said "oh my balls", he said that he came so hard it hurt his balls. He explained how the muscles on each ball pulls back real hard when a guy comes and it can actually pull them. Taking a shower with my brother became a regular thing for the next year and I always held and supported his testicles as he came and I could feel them pull back real hard. So cool.

My brothers friend was probably 13 or 14. I asked this guy to come over again and we eventually undressed and were wrestling naked when my family was away one day. I noticed that when I got a leg in between his and moved against him he would bend in pain, balls are so tender. I laid on him and wiggled back and forth with his thing sandwiched between my legs, I felt it spasm over and over and stuff shot up and came back down and landed on my butt and legs, it was hot feeling. This was so cool and when I found out that I could make him do this even if he did not want to made me feel in control of his body. I did it a few times facing up and boy did it feel good, I could see the stuff shoot up and come back down to land on me in bursts. His thing was so big that there was still a lot of it sticking up even though I had it between my legs and moved up and down on it. It felt so good !!! He got so hot doing this. What amazed me was how his balls could make more stuff over and over again and how many times he could do it after a few minutes of course. I learned that a girl literally could make his balls go into high production with the right attention and build him up like a bomb. I wish I could feel what guys experience, it must be awesome.

You can play with my big balls anytime!

how old was your brothers friend?