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My First Gay Experience.

This happened a few years ago... I think I was around 12, my brother and his friend were 13. Basically when I was younger me and my brother would hang out with his friend. The three of us usually messed around in the fields, rode around on this sit on lawn mower and generally had fun but it got to the point where (As with most young boys) we all got curious about sex.

The extent of this was normally just the 3 of us on my brother's friend's bed watching **** and jacking off together. One of the times I met up with my brother's friend at his house without my brother because he was swimming. We got up to the usual stuff and eventually we got to the watching **** stage and he surprised me by bringing up some gay **** which (Oddly enough) I really enjoyed... This lead to him slowly feeling my **** and me feeling his and we jacked eachother off.

After some more gay **** we were feeling a bit more adventurous and turns to me and says 'I wonder what bjs feel like...' and without really asking me he knelt down in front of me and started sucking my **** like there was no tomorrow! Needless to say I came quickly but it just made me feel all the hornier so as he stood I knelt down and took his **** in my mouth... It didn't really seem odd at all, just like any other part of your body! He too came relatively quickly but to be honest we were both still incredibly horny so thought 'What the hell'.

I lent over his desk and pulled off my trousers and boxers completely and told him to **** me like they did in the videos and (After spitting on his hand and rubbing it into my ***) he put the tip right on my ***. To this day the feeling of his hands on my *** cheeks as he slowly pushed his **** into my *** is the best feeling I've ever experienced. It hurt like hell initially but after about a minute with him completely in my *** he began to pump in and out and my god, it felt so good! I think we spent around 10 minutes with him fcking me until he came in my ***, being filled felt amazing! after this he pulled out and helped me clean up. Alas I didn't get to fck him that day but I did on a later occation that I'll probably right out another day. I should probably mention that I now have a girlfriend and could only ever love women but I still get incredibly turned on by and engage in gay sex :)
Elador Elador 22-25, M Jun 22, 2013

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