Bus Station

I'll be 18 next month and I've only ever dated one boy, whom I am dating right now. We started dating April 24th of this year. I've never had an interest in dating anyone really (or seriously) until I met him.

We're both super shy people, so our relationship is a tad bit slower than most. For 2 months we barely held hands, we hadn't even kissed. I didn't much mind though, because I'm not that affectionate of a person. (He says I should try to be though. I'm working on it. Haha)

Anyway, I look back on it now and my first kiss wasn't all that romantic. But it is quite the memory. It was the last day of school last year, we had just got dismissed and I was walking to the bus station with him so I could catch the bus home, plus he lives pretty close by the station anyway.

Well, his birthday was a couple days before that and I really wanted to give him a birthday kiss. Well, long story short, we went to the park and just ended up hanging around until like 8-9 on a school night and parents got mad at us. Whoops. So that kiss I was planning never happened.

Doesn't help that I was a nervous wreck. Still am to this day. Haha.

ANYWAY, I'm rambling. I tend to do that a lot. We get to the bus station and we stop and just talk. I told him "You can't leave until I get enough courage to kiss you." The whole time I'm just blushing like crazy. I'm such a little nerd. I literally wouldn't let him go until I worked up that courage.

Finally after arguing with myself over like the span of like 20 minutes out loud about me being a total weenie about not kissing him, or that our lip rings would some how get entangled, and stuff like that, he just tilts up my chin and smooches me.

I wasn't aware that he'd actually make the first move. It kinda took me by surprise. Well duh.

I guess it makes it so memorable is because I was actually arguing with myself out loud in front of him. I'm such a loser. He did comment that my lips were very soft though.
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I wish good luck and hope that your relationships last long=}