My First Time, All The Way

My boyfriend and I knew each other for a few years. We served together at a local community group and sat on the same projects together.

While his parents were overseas for a week to visit some relatives, my boyfriend become horny and decided to push our relationship further. He did not turn up at the group meeting we usually attended together and when I called him, he said he was sick and home alone.

I went over to his house and was greeted to him at his door with a grinning face and a cheeky smile.
Despite the neighbors at home next door, we French kissed at the first sight and he started to fondle me. Making my way into the house towards his room, we started to take off each others clothes till we were left with our undergarments.

We lay on the bed together, embracing each other tightly. As he took off his underwear, I saw his **** for the first time. Seeing him totally naked turned me on and I asked that he used his mouth to unhook my bra which was front clasped. He also took off my thong and we both lay naked on his bed... Heavy petting and exploring each other. He sucked and kissed my breasts, while I was ******* his ***** hard.

I asked if he had condom but it was too late to go and buy anyway. So he slowly penetrated his now standing solid hard **** in my ***. It hurt a lot and I started to bleed but told him to continue. By the time his entire *** went in I felt so full like I was going to burst. The blood and *** helped lubricate each time he was sliding in and out of me, each time pushing it deeper and harder.

Finally we reach ****** and he exploded in me. Felt like his ***** reached my stomach, all warm and sweet. That's when he started to suck my breast hard n told me he loved me. For that moment we felt really as one and we were one.
We kissed passionately and had a few more times of *******.

Since then we have been making love regularly and enjoying different positions each time.
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Never forget the first time.

That original morning we were laying in bed playing with each other like we had done many mornings over the last couple weeks as we looked forward until later in the evening. After the latest 8 th grade dance and all the stuff going on that day
as she moved a little bit, for some reason, some reason, and I felt her body open up to me as I started to slide my penis into her tight love passage, we just looked at each other and we both moved at the same time sliding my unprotected penis deep into her love passage. As we waited for her body to adjust, and then we made we loved for the first time in our young lives.
We walked out and told the adults in our life, we were sorry we had broken our promise of waiting until
we were out of 8 th grade, and they held us and said it was all right we really got out yesterday over they
ask if we had used protection, and we said no they said it was all right but if we ever made love to a another
person we would need to encase of illness they may carry we all knew up front we would never have a child on both sides the next few years we would do it many more times even right up to the last day in Japan on R&R and she almost missed her flight back
she will be killed in about 36 hours to siagon and it was still a bout 12 hours before I would shoot down by friendly fire.