One Of The Best Nites Of My Life!

I was 14 and went to my friend's talent show where I saw the most amazing guy in the world playing guitar on stage while my friend sang Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home.  I saw him after the show but he was with his girlfriend and I was bummed.  So one nite I ended up at a keg party in the woods by his school.  A friend of mine was getting in a fight with another girl and here this dream guy was standing near by.  Sooo I asked him what was going on and started up a conversation with him.  Told him all I knew about him and how amazing he was up on stage.  So after that he apparently asked my friend about me and got my number since he had broken up with his girlfriend.  We met up a couple of times and planned our first date.  He picked me up in his Chevy Chevelle (this was in 89!) and took me out to dinner and to a music store.  It was one of the best nites of my life because the whole time I was so amazed that I was actually with this adorable amazing guy who happened to be 3 yrs older then me!
BrittneyS BrittneyS
36-40, F
May 23, 2012