************ When Young

I was 14, it was in late winter and my body was changing. I had thoughts I never had before. Thoughts I did not understand. All of a sudden a womans shape made me feel warm down in my penis. Especially a woman's round butt.
I was in the shower cleaning myself when I decided to pay special attention to my groin area. I was cleaning and rubbing away when all of a sudden it felt good and my penis got stiff! I never even knew what ************ was, but I just grabbed my stiff boy erection and worked it like I had before.
I do not remember if I shot wet or dry, but it really felt good. Good enough to want to keep ************.
I started making more shower,bathtub and bathroom time. I must have been ************ about 2-3 times a day at first. Sex and ************ was all new to me and I really enjoyed the horny feelings I was getting.
My Dad did not have any Playboy's and sex was never dicussed in my home growing up. I have never thought ************ was wrong, just something you did in private. I am glad my parents never told me it was a sin or not to **********. Nothing negative until my Mom did not let me have Playboys when I turned 18. I guess the thought of her little boy with his **** in his hand looking at naked women disgusted her. By that time it was too late to infuence how I felt about ************ and a lifetime of ************ was on!
Even though there were not any Playboy's I did find 2 books I learned from. "Everything you always wanted to know about sex" and the "Happy Hooker". I learned what ************ was and it was just fine to do it.
So from 14 yrs old I have *********** a lot. In my bed before sleeping, in the bathroom in mid afternoon, in the shower or bath in the morning.I used socks as *** rags in the bedroom.
By 17 when I found private time, I was ************. Even when my girlfriend and I started having sex I did not stop. Or felt a need to stop. After high school we broke up I moved in with roomates and the shower or in the bedroom naked with Playboy's was how I ***********.
I was ************ daily, sometimes 2 -3 times a day back then. Compared to 1-2 times a week now, I was rubbing all the time!
I used to have shame and embarassment about ************ when I was young. I attribute that to lack of education about sex and ************. Now I am not ashamed or embarassed that I ********** on a regular basis at all. I enjoy ************ as one of the essential pleasures in life and expect to be ************ and having sex for many more years to come.

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