My First ******

I'll never forget my first ******. I was a late bloomer, I think. I matured genitally about the same as all my friends, about 12 or so getting pubic hair followed by arm pit hair and stuff. But at 16 I thought I was with everyone else. When guys talked about *** and it being white, I assumed they meant clear. I had never really thought that it was white. When I was like 6 I played house one time with a neighbor girl who was 13 and she let me put it in her ***** but my **** was so thin about the size and thickness of my middle finger, so it felt cool but didn't think much of it. I was hard in her for a long time... my **** was throbbing in her ***** like for 1/2 an hour that I played inside her to make her feel good. Anyway, when I went to **** (after it got kinda boring for me but my tiny **** was still hard). It was tough to **** cuz I was so hard, but it got softer and I was able to let the stream flow. Anyway, the **** was different...all thick, slimy and clear. I also thought I'd ruined myself and asked her but she didn't know either (or pretended not to know). Anyway, I later heard of *** and assumed that's what it was.
Now fastforward to age 16. I had been having wet dreams because on waking my boxers or briefs were moist and it wasn't ****. So again, I figured it was just the clear stuff and that I'd obviously orgasmed. However, one day rummaging through a closet for a book, I found this sex book of my parents (no pictures but lots of words). Anyway, somewhere it described *** or ********* as being white. This was formal language and I didn't think they'd made the mistakes in words that my friends had. Could it really be white? I thought. Anyway, I was boned up already from reading and decided to jack to see. I pulled off my shirt. It was summer and really hot (or was I extra hot cuz I was so horny?) Next off came my jeans, just to my knees, in case I'd have to pull them up quickly. (I'd brought the book there for privacy and was on the floor near my bed so I could hide the book quickly if someone came in). The door to my room was open and I was so horny I didn't care to get up and close it. Anyway, down come my briefs. I had to practically peel them off my throbbing, surging ****. The precum had already left its moist, sticky mark on them.
Anyway, I grabbed my pulsating ***** and started rubbing on it up and down like it said in the book on ************. I hadn't ever *********** up to this point because I didn't know it was a normal thing. I thought it was sinful and was more moral minded than at 6. I'd showered and washed it taking a shower even if it got boned, but I'd rinse it off quickly, enjoying the sensations but not taking it to the next step.
Anyway, here I was full ***** rubbing away and the most incredible feelings! I could feel heat coming off my inner thighs! My **** got super super stiff beyond what I'd ever experienced before. My heart was throbbing, my breathing rapid and shallow. My face was flushed and red hot. The sensation was amazing! My balls felt heavy and I began to moan. I think it was the feeling in my balls. I felt they were so heavy and huge likd some big bull balls but they were they same size, but felt so heavy and huge, then, when I couldn't take it any longer (all this happened within 3-5 minutes). My super stiff **** tightened, locked stiffly and my moaning bull balls pulled up tight to the base of my arched pink-stiffed **** and out the tip I shot once, twice, 3, 4, 5...6 big surges of WHITE *** at each **** contraction! It was amazing! The thick slimy WHITE wads had shot out like from a cannon, totally unexpected! This was NOT my 6 year old experience! One wad had shot to just above my head, another hit my chin, the rest hit my chest. The smell was incredible, stronger than the precum I'd been experiencing all this time, like a bleachy smell. I heard steps coming to my room because someone had heard me moaning. I zipped up, wiped up as best I could and was putting my shirt back on, when my mom came into my room to see if everything was OK. I pretended to be taking the shirt off, since it was only half on. I wanted her to get out real fast so she wouldn't smell it and definitely didn't want to approach her. I told her, it's just really hot and was getting sleepy. I stretched and faked a yawn. I'm OK mom. She said I should open a window, but I didn't want to get up since I was still boning and she'd see it if I got up. I told her I would in a minute, and just might take a nap. She seemed satisfied and left.
When I looked in the mirror. I was still red faced and my chest and everything was still red. I don't know if she smelled it or anything. I don't think she found out because I know I would have gotten more questions and then some kind of lecture.
Anyway, that day, I felt I'd become a MAN, more than ever before!.
WhiteLavaLake WhiteLavaLake
Aug 28, 2011