My First Sexual Experience

I would like to begin by saying that I was sexually a late bloomer. I did not have penetration sex until i was 20 and that is a story in itself for another time. However, I had my first blow job when I was almost 13, the girl was about 17. Obviously I was clueless and had no idea what to do, but had it not been for her taking the initiative (which I was quite happy about) I probably would not have had the pleasure at this age.

We were alone in my house, when she asked me if i wanted my legs rubbed as I had told her they were hurting from a soccer game I had the previous day. At first, she rubbed my thighs slowly which I was very much enjoying and it put me in a little bit of relaxed state. Then she gradually moved her hands over my c**k and started slowly rubbing me outside my pants. Ofcourse being that age and having never even *********** it just was the most awesome feeling. I was hard as a rock and knew I did not want this feeling to ever stop. To my total surprise she unbuttoned my pants and took my c**k out and slowly began to stroke me. She obviously had done this before and knew quite well what she was doing. Before I knew it, I felt this strong sensation deep down in my balls and was so scared but also loved the feeling (I guess I was building up to release my load - my first hot load.... which ofcourse I had no clue about, as the guys I hung out with only talked about breasts and we secretly looked at woman with big ones and then giggled as immature boys do - lol). She looked up at me (as she was on her knees by this time) and asked does it feel good... to which I replied, "uh, huh" (that's all I could say)... then her stroking got a little harder and she squeezed my c**k a little firmer as her hands moved from the base of my c**k to the shaft. I noticed I was starting to ooze and then drip a clear liquid from my c**k at first and I thought to myself I was beginning to pee. Then I noticed as she continued to stroke me with purposeful and slow intentional strokes, the clear liquid started looking a little cloudy and milky.... I was totally confused and scared at this point, yet, I was loving every stroke of her hand. Talk about being at a heightened stage of absolute arousal and just as scared as i thought I was peeing and she would think ill of me for doing that.

The next thing I know on this juncture of a lifetime experience, I felt a warm, moist and wet feeling on the head of my c**k. It was so gentle, the feeling of pleasure was indescribable... I looked down and saw that it was her mouth and tongue on the tip of my c**k. At first she slowly licked the very wet tip of my c**k that was oozing clear white liquid with a milky concoction and then after gently yet thirstily sucking the tip for a short while, then she graduated to taking the head of my c**k in her mouth and while holding the base she slowly kept sucking my head and working her way down to the tip hungrily lapping up my pre-***. She continued to stroke me while taking a break from sucking my c**k.

She looked at the tip of my c**k for more pre-*** to drip as she slowly kept stroking it. By this time, I had to sit furhter back, as my knees were getting weak and I also had my eyes closed. I was losing my sense of equilibrium and did not want to fall over. Once I was more comfortable in a sitting position, she had moved in closer and then looked up at me and asked me a question, which I will never forget. Do you want to me take off my top... I replied again with a masterful reply, "uh, huh". Might I remind you, me and the guys my age just talked about breasts.... none of us had seen a real pair, leave alone touch or play with one. She let go of my c**k and undid her top. I thought I was dreaming and could not wait to tell the other 13 year olds. She slowly stood up and came up to my face... I just sat there and looked at her and the beautiful small sized breasts with the nipples poking out right at my face. She said "do you want to touch them". Again, I replied smartly with "uh, huh" and she said, "go ahead". I was in heaven. I slowly touched them, all over, and gently rubbed her nipples, to which she sighed and closed her eyes. I thought I must be hurting her or something and got scared and stopped. She openend her eyes looked at me and said, "don't stop". So, I continued gently massaging and rubbing her breasts and nipples. Like I mentioned earlier, her breasts were right in my face as she was standing and I was sitting... she looked at me and said, "you can suck my nipples if you want to"... I wasted no time and imediately put my mouth on her nipples and started sucking on them. She moaned and wimpered and then told me in a whisper you are getting me so wet. I had NO CLUE what the heck she was talking about. I figured she is moaning and she has not asked me to stop, so it must be fine.

After I sucked her nipples for a while, she took my face and rubbed it against her breasts for a while and then slowly went back down to the kneeling position. She took my hard c**k which was now dripping a stronger mixture of white milky juices and stuck her tongue out and licked me clean. Then she asked me to lean back further and watch her ... I did ... she took my c**k and started stroking me hard while simultaneously sucking me up and down. She took me deeper and deepr in her mouth and removed her hand while she deep throated my c**k several times. I started moaning and felt myself getting hot and sweaty. My inner thighs were getting sweaty, my arpits were moist and I could feel my forehead getting damp also. I found myself now slowly and rhythmically gyrating my hips in a thrusting motion unknowingly slowly f*****g her mouth as she came down to the base before going back up to the head. I was in pure heaven. I was not scared anymore, but in sheer ecstasy and delight. Suddenly, in the depths of my balls, I felt this strong churning movement and opened my eyes to watch her feverishly sucking my c**k and while doing so she looked at me and mumbled, "give me your hot ***"... I had no freaking idea what she meant by that, but did not care to stop and ask for clarification either :-). I could feel myself building up and building up and building up (I must say I loved that feeling) and then suddenly exploded in her mouth.... I have never seen a woman in all my sexual experiences have a such a hungry, thirsty, grateful and satisifed look as this girl had on her face. She slowly sucked me savoring and tasting every drop of MY FIRST LOAD of *** ever. She kept it in her mouth while still looking up at me and then back to the tip of my c**k and continuing to catch the last few spurts in her mouth. She then slowly kept sucking the head and tip of my c**k while still holding the rest of the *** in her mouth. Finally, when she could tell the fountain has depleted all she could get, she looked up at me and gently smiled and I could see her throat moving up and slowly down as she swallowed the entire load of ***** and *****. I can still picture her throat moving up and down as she smiled at me with such a satisfied and contented look. Then she slowly milked my now semi hard c**k and gently licked the remaining seminal fluids that oozed out. She continued doing this until I was almost soft and she pretty much got all the after juices.

She looked up at me and asked me if I enjoyed that..... and you can only guess what my answer was - "uh, huh!!!" She asked if that was the first time I had received that and I answered her the same way as above. She smiled and said, you tasted wonderful. She asked me if I liked sucking her breasts and I finally said "I want to do it again." She said don't worry, you will get more chances, only if I kept it a secret. And she added, I can do the same to you again and if I would like her to. Ofcourse, I nodded with a happy "yes". She said ok, then it's our secret. There were many times after that where she sucked me off and allowed me access to her breasts. She showed me her p***y and invited me to touch her and feel her wetness, but I guess I was not ready or maybe just too scared, so I did not venture down there. After about one year she moved and we lost touch.

The memory of her, especially the wonderful and beautiful physical sensation and feelings I felt then are still present in my memories to this day. Until today, I enjoy a BJ and coming in a womans mouth as much as I enjoy sex itself. Ah! the wonderful memories from the past. Thanks for reading my FIRST EP story and hope you enjoyed it.
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You lucky boy .....

Great experience! Watching your partner take a whole load after you empty yourself and not spill or complain is best sexual experience you can have!

This is a lovely story. I can see why it's a memory that lasts forever.

Great story, what an incredible experience to remember. Thanks for writing it.

It was an experience to remember--


Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.

Great read! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Brought back such wonderful memories of my similar "awakening!" Mine, was a young friend of my Moms. Just like you, I've always enjoyed ******* in a woman's mouth, and I know it goes back to my initiation! Thanks for sharing.

She was every 13 year old boy's dream. I'm sure she enjoyed giving you an education.

Loved the story

Great story - you had a great tutor

Nice story thanks for sharing :)

Fabulous story! Well done on your first... story that is! ;) You should write more, you have a definite talent.

Wow ... what a breath taking exciting story. Lucky guy. Well written and well expressed. Write more of your experiences and let me know. Please add me.

Isn't it funny that if roles were reversed and it was a 17 yr old boy and 13 yr old girl and he told her it was our little secret, it would almost be a huge crime.... it's interesting. Also if roles were reversed, would the girl feel victimized later in life, and have psychological problems? Would it be as awesome for her as it was for you?.... Just interesting to think about it like that.

I see your point Christine... However, i am not sure and neither are you if the girl would have felt victimized or had other problems later in life or maybe she would never have as she was an equally willing participant... We could continue with the "what if" game.

As a woman you are looking at it from one side and wondering if this would have been ok if the act were reversed.... How about maybe what the girl did was not ok and could have left me with problems (in this case it did not)... I am curious as to why you did not seem to chastise the young lady who made her advances and took advantage of me instead! Why the double standards?

I actually do feel that what she did was wrong. My initial reaction was trying to imagine myself as a 17 yr old and doing that to a 13 yr old and I was disturbed by that thought. I was wondering what kind of woman she was today.... And what she got off on.. was it the power over you? was she reenacting something that was done to her by someone with power, trying to overcome the lack of control she felt then?... was she just purely sexually interested in you? ... I don't know, but I did have those thoughts as well. And that is why the train of thought went on to.. how was it ok for this to occur, when if it was reversed, it probably wouldn't have been 'ok'... so theres no double standard at all on my part, but on the part of society which is what I was observing in my thoughts and spoke about in my response.

I did enjoy it- Thanks, please write more!