First **** Part 2

Hi, this is Mary I thought I should write my own stories about this. Here is one with more to come, we hope you enjoy reading them.
The same thing happened a few more times, I'd play with his **** and he would rub my ***** through my underwear. I really started to enjoy the attention he gave me. He never pressed for anything more but I really wanted him to touch my breasts as I enjoyed it when I was younger. I decided to take matters into my own hands.
One day as we left work I stopped in the ladies room on the way out telling him I'd be right out. It was colder and I had a coat on. I took my bra off and left my top unbuttoned enough so looking from the side you could see my naked ****. I put my coat back on and headed out.
Of course that night he didn't start playing with me so I undid my coat and took his hand and put it on my leg. He got the message and soon had his hand on my *****. As we neared our orchard I told him I was warm and slipped my coat off my shoulders looking down to make sure he could see my ****.
He glanced over at me and I just smiled as he took a double take.
He pulled in and before he could stop I had his pants unzipped and his **** out. As soon as he stopped he started playing with my naked ****. This was also a first for me as no one had ever seen or played with them naked and I loved it. By now I knew what he liked and I played with him and stroked his **** as I had become very good at knowing what to do. He started pulsing and soon came harder than he had ever before. Then he leaned over and started kissing and sucking my nipples while he played with my *****. I was moaning and groaning and soon I came so hard it was like I wet my pants.
As he dropped me off he kissed me for the first time and thanked me for letting him play with my ****.
When I cleaned up all I could do was think about him touching me and making me *** for the first time with a man.
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I am on to the next story

Thanks for sharing the story, it has made me stand at attention.

I'm enjoying your story very much. On to part 3...

My wife and I were married before she turned 19, but I would have GLADLY shared her with an older man, as you described!

I love your stories ...If you are ever in need of a ride drop me a line and I will be glad to get you where you need to be.

You are one hot female. I love your stories I just wish I could surprize you some day in the gulf so I could jack off on your **** and eat your wet ***** with your panties on then have you jack me off a second time in your panties and you wear them the rest of the day with my *** against your *****.