Naked At The State Park

I saw him when I walked into the changing room or locker room at a state park where there was a swimming pond, so you could shower and change in the locker room if you wanted. When I ******** off my clothes I noticed a boy of about 12 standing at the end of the lockers, just watching me. He was naked too but didn't seem in any hurry to get   I realized he was spending the day there doing just that, watching naked men and boys, so when I returned to shower later on I looked for him. Sure enough he was there, so naturally  I invited him to shower with me. We washed each other's back and smiled a lot at each others' naked body. I liked his interest in nude boys..I understood him completely. I had hair down there and he was smoooth as silk...we both really liked what we saw !!
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2011

My older brother and I slept nude together from the time I wa 7 until I was 12. His was the first **** I ever touched and the first one I sucked.

first time another boy saw me naked was at pool<br />
i was changing i was 7 an he was naked also we just look at each ohter

it was exciting of course an yes went back looking for more suprising so