First Time

Mine was when I was 11 or 12. My parents lived CMNF(Clothed Male-Nude Female) and had friends they would get together with. The son of one of their CMNF friends a few years older than me would watch when they were out for the evening.

One time he said his mother was always nude around the house, I said mine was too he then ask if I wanted to. He treated me nice and I felt safe so I took off my clothes.

I went in my room to undress because I was okay with seeing me naked but not getting naked. After that night I was always naked when he was there and shortly after that I started being naked around the house most of the time

I found out later that my parents had set this up to find out if I was going to join the lifestyle. He never touched me except when he taught me about ************ He also was the first penis I ever saw.

I still almost never undress in front of men except my husband.
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hi. I love your story.THXS