She Sucked Me While I Was Sleeping.

So this happened when i was 14 years old, so around 5 years ago. Anyways, my mom used to baby sit this 12 year old girl. Not to be critical but she wasn't exactly attractive, in fact she was a bit scary, fat dominant. Everyday she would come over in the morning around 6 am and stay over for about 2 hours before going to school. Her dad didn't trust her at home alone since he had to go to work. I would almost alwys sleep until like 5 minutes before she left i barely talked to her, but whenever i saw her she alwys gave me this creepy weird look. One time I woke up and found her in my room, staring at my morning wood, she said she needed to use the bathroom thats why she was in my room. Anyways at the time i believed her and didn't really care much. One morning my mom needed to go somewhere early and she left her home alone, of course with me still sleeping in the my bedroom. I was fast a sleep until I heard someone open the door. I didn;t really think much of it. Then i felt my covers slowly being pulled down, i slightly opened my eyes and noticed her, again staring at my hard on. She then proceeded to slide of my pajamas trying not to wake me.. I was kind of scared at first since i found her very scary... anyhow she started to jerk my **** slowly and after a couple of seconds i came.. I peeked t her face, she seemed very amused by my *** and licked it all up... then out of my room leaving me exposed.... I woke up early since my sleep had already been ruined, I acted like i didn;t know anything had happened... until later i told her and soon she told her best friend was a gorgeous girl.. before i knew it, they would occasionally suck me off every chance they got. I never got any further than that...
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thats a pitty they ddnt gv u a bite in the pie

Hot story. Can we hear more about the gorgeous friend?