I was staring out the window waiting for C**** to pick me up at my house. I was excited about going out of town for a date but
lost in thought about the long car ride that awaited. Riding in the car with him was torturous. I longed to be closer to him but I was still too shy to make
a move. C**** and I had only been dating a few months and we hadn't gotten the opportunity to explore each others sexuality all that much but I already
desired him more than anyone I had ever known. I dreamed of his fat **** pushing inside of my tight *****, banging it harder and harder. I could feel myself getting
wetter and wetter just dreaming about it... My phone rang; it was him telling me he'd be a little late, he was stuck in traffic. It was perfect because this gave me
time to sneak back into my bedroom. He continued talking to me on the phone, the sound of his voice was hypnotic to me. I pulled a large ***** from under my bed
and began shoving it inside of me pretending that it was C****. I had gotten so wet just from my day dream and the sound of his voice that it was effortless
to thrust the vibrator deep inside of my *****. C**** had no idea that I was ************ with him on the phone. I moved the vibrator in and out vibrating it on my
**** as I slid it back and forth. I couldn't keep from moaning into the phone. I told him I was just excited about seeing him. I muted the phone and let him talk on as I
continued to move the ***** faster and faster inside of me. Just as C****'s headlights pulled into the driveway I pictured his large body holding me down...almost
as if he was raping me.. the ***** crossed over my **** once more when it began tingling with excitement and enthusiasm. I was moaning so loud with pleasure from the
****** that I almost didn't hear the doorbell ring.. I quickly cleaned myself and got re-dressed and ran to the door.

I opened the door and apologized for being distracted while he was on the phone... I was still getting ready.He was dressed in tight jeans and a black Tshirt with a leather jacket. His hands looked large and his eyes
glistened seductively. He lead me to the car and opened the door for me. As soon as he got in I knew even though I had just *********** that I was still not satisfied. I wanted him. I desired his control. I wanted him to control me, hold me down, rape me. I knew that it was still too soon in our relationship for him to be that comfortable with me. I couldn't concentrate on the questions he was asking me as we were driving down the road. I watched his hands turning the heat dials down... I imagined him kissing my neck slowly while sliding his fingers into me, dripping wet. I couldn't stand the silence any longer, as we traveled down the freeway
I told him to pull off on a back road that was coming up because I had to show him something. He was confused but agreed. He drove off into a side road, it was dark and there were no houses around, just country. I told him topull over... when he stopped the car I met his gaze... it was almost knowingly and I could tell he was wanting the same thing. I reached over slowly and began unzipping his pants revealing his hard ****. I put my lips eagerly to the tip of it and grasped my hand firmly around it. I started sucking the head, making my way down. I moved swiftly as he put his hand up my skirt and began to slide his finger inside of me. I was still dripping wet from before which made his **** harder. I left my head up and looked in his eyes as he told me to get into the back seat. My heart pounded at what we were about to do. He asked if I had a condom, I didn't... he said that we'd just have to "be careful." I climbed carefully into his lap and we began kissing passionately, I wanted to feel his tongue run into my mouth. My ***** got wetter as the anticipation grew. I started shaking as he put the head of his **** closer to the lips of my *****. We were about to have unprotected sexHe kissed me more and slowly began sliding his **** into me. It felt huge as it stretched it me, I was still trembling. His **** was bigger than I had remembered and my ***** was still not fully use to one so large. He thrusted deeper and deeper inside of me. I winced with both pain and pleasure. C**** moved my hair out of the way and began sucking on my neck.
I was so into the passion of the night that I did not care if it left a mark. I was enjoying the way my ***** was being beaten and stretched. My ***** tightened around the shaft of his **** over and over begging for his ***. He started thrusting in me faster and faster and suddenly I could not hold back any longer. I screamed with
pleasure as my ****** dragged on. I had never felt anything like it. He smiled at me as he continued to thrust...He asked me if I would swallow his *** in a second when he was ready... I agreed. My ***** dripped with my *** already
making his thrusts smoother and smoother as my ***** got use to him. He was pulling me down hard onto him when he told me to jump off and catch his *** into my mouth... I was so turned on at the thought of him ******* that my body began to react and I too
was ******* again. “Jump off “he said... I was so into the impending ****** that I said “I can't" and in an instant I was filled with C****'s hot *** and was totally vulnerable to it. It shot inside of me triggering another ****** as I sat breathless... feeling our *** together slowly dripping
its way out. He smiled and said “I knew I could make you a *** ****”
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i feel like this was written by guy . There is no way this actually happen


sounds right..;)

Wow very hot.