Ok so I've never told anyone this before so hear goes.

When I was 14 my breasts started to grow to a reasonable size and people on my ask fm started to say stuff like I would love to suck on you ****. Stuff like that

I started to get curious about what it was like to actually suck on someone's breasts

Anyway my mother had big breasts like very big and she used to wear a tank top to bed without a bra so when her nipple got hard you could see them very easily

One night me and my mum were watching tv late at night and she had fallen to sleep and I was still awake and I noticed that here nipple and breasts were uncovered

I made sure that she was sound asleep and then I grabbed her breasts and squeezed which got me really horny so before doing anything more I made sure she was still asleep. Which she was

I put my mouth over her nipple and began to suck on it and slowly began to bring get breast out of her top and suck on it some more

I stopped for a while and put her top back over

After about 15 minutes my mum rolled over onto her back. (Before she was on her side) which made her **** look even better

I began to pull both of her **** out of her top and then she started to wake up

She realised what had happened right away but she didn't stop me she actually helped me get them out

I started to suck on her left breasts while squeezing her other and she was putting her fingers through my hair

I was doing it for about an 30 minutes untill I put my hand down her trousers and started to finger her and again she didn't do anything

She started to moan and told me to keep going We lay there for over an hour sucking on her breasts and fingering her until she came and then we fell asleep

We have talked about it after and we both agreed that neither of us understood what was happening and that it would never happen again as we wouldn't tell anyone

I needed to get this off my chest
CaraghOneill CaraghOneill
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Suck her ***** to thank her. Got me very hard this story :). Add me please

Oh CarahOneill, that's so sensual what you and your kind mother experienced that night. When you told your mother was sleeping before she rolled over on her back, my first thought was that perhaps she just showed as if she slept. Obviously she appreciated and encouraged your suckling as she helped you get her breasts out. Neither you nor your mother should feel bad about what hapoened, it's probably the fear getting discovered and what society will say that nade you and your mother reject any further actions in this direction.
Thank you for your courage to share your sensual story.


Thanks for sharing these incredible emotions and feelings.Must of been hard to explain and write about darling.
Louise CD

It was I feel awful when I think about it

I understand but you needed to tell someone.That is me.Love you for sharing such intimate subject.Louise CD

You will get multiple responses here.That is what experience project is all about.Opening up to others that understand you.That feel your emotions and are willing to share their life experiences with you.Somewhere you can always come and have someone to talk to.Louise