Got Hard With Her

This is probably something that happens to all guys when dealing with girls sometime or the other. When growing up and when you reach those teenage years as a male you start getting erections fairly often. I no at times I was more erect than not. Around girls you tried not to get hard but sometimes that didn't happen, and when you did get hard it was noticable from the buldge in your pants. Anyhow this was about the first time I got a very hard erection when playing around with a girl who lived across the road from us, I was about 13-14 at the time and we were just horsing around wrestling and so on. During our wrestling we were rolling around on the floor having fun and then in the playing I rolled on top of her and as I did my penis became very hard with the rubbing of cloths while we were wrestling and rolling on the floor. Here I am on top of her laying on the floor and my erection is pushing hard against her and it was right in the middle of her legs, first I was scared then she moved so that it fitted better and just layed there. I wasn't sure what to do next cause I was embarrassed with this raging erection, if I got up it was so visible, but laying there it felt so good also, finally she said I think you need to go and look after that so slowly I got up off her and went to the washroom. When I got up she could see it pushing against my jeans and she also saw a wet patch that was very visible.
It was the start of a lot of wrestling matches after that, and there was plenty of times that during those wrestling matches I got very hard but we played through it.
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Dec 13, 2012