Very First Time

this is the story of my first lesbian experience
im not lesbian or bi , this just happend but i did really enjoy it

okae so , my aunty had just met her mom the following day and so i asked my aunty if she could spend a night and she asked her mom and they both said yes so we were all at my house me , her , my aunty and my aunty's boyfriend and it was around 11 when they came into my room and said they were gonna go out and they'll be back early in the morning or so , we said it was fine by us we were just gonna watch movies and chill so they left we were watching movies in my living room when she came out of nowhere and asked me if i had ever watched **** and i said honestly yes i did and she said me too , it was quiet for a while when she broked the silent and asked if i wanted to watch a ***** on the internet and i said yes so we turn on an ***** ( girl on girl ) i got so horny and wet watching the two girls eat eat each other out and hearing them scream and moan and i could tell she did too , when i looked up at her she kissed me and i pulled back instantly but she grabbed my face and started to kiss me again but this time she put her tongue in my mouth this time i didnt reject i went alone with it , and at that moment i really wanted her to eat me out anyways she looked at me and said " come on " and led me into my room ( weird i know ) so she sat on my bad and potted the spot next to me , telling me to sit next to her and so i did and she started kissing me again but this time her hand went under my t-shirt and she started fingering my nipple and i let out a soft moan , she looked at me , smiled and then put her head down and started licking on my nipple i hurried up and jumped up , i stood right there and she said . whats wrong and that when i told her i didnt wanna do it anymore and i have never did it before but she wasnt taking that for an anwser she took my hands , pinned me down and and put my hands over my head ( shes 2 years older than me ) i kept trying to get out but everytime i would try to get out she would hold my hands tigkep saying let me go but thats when she started to kiss me again and when i wouldnt kiss her back she stuck her tongue in my mouth and continued to kiss me , she licked 2 of her fingers , put them down in her shorts and started to massage my ***** ( it felt so great ) so i stopped and let her do what she wanted , she lifted my shirt over my head , took my shorts off and her shorts and t-shirts , thats when we were just both sitting in the middle of my bed with panties and bra on , she started to kiss me again and while she was doing so , she reached for my bra and nstrapped it revealing my c-cupped ******* she stopped and looked at my chest and said . wow you're ******* are beauitful , can i lick them ? and i looked at her shyly and smiled yes she layed me back got on top of me started rubbing my nipples and then started to lick on them , i let out a soft moan , she then started to suck on them and then bite them , and moved to the other tittie and did the same thing ( : she looked doen at my ***** and said can i eat you out i looked at her and said please , show me how deep you can go in my ***** lick me and dont stop no matter how loud i moan she smiled opened my ***** lips and started to lick my ***** , she licked it slow nd i started to moan "ohhh , yessss , right there , thats the spot , she started to lick me faster and i started to moan even louder " ohhhhh , my spot , dont stop . im commiiinnngggg ohhh yesssss , please dont stop she kept licking me faster and faster and i had an organism i smiled kissed her , she gave me another organism and said it was over ..... TO BE CONTINUED
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Mmmm nice !!!! Part 2 ?!?!?!

Love your story

Hmm..yes, please DO've left me throbbing hard babygirl!

Can't I eat your ***** the same way please! ;)

how old were you when this happened

I want to lick your ***** the same way would you mind if i

How I want my first les experience to be but hey! Looks like I'm sticking with les **** and my fingers :/

organism....organism...organism... HAHAHAHA! omfg, you need Jesus to help you with your spelling & grammar. based god please help this confused person.

I need to experience. Been w wealthy athlete for years who ignores me, and doesn't please me

we would have love to watch !

this became a friggin hot story when you gave your consent....... cant wait to hear part 2

You should have a doctor check out that organism!

Yea ?