Molested In The Woods By An Older Man

At about the time I was 16 years of age I enjoyed spending my time outdoors. Growing up in a big city it was not that hard to find secluded spots right under your nose. One particular day I was bicycling up the road and I ditched my bike in some bushes. I headed up this small rock formation that led to a wooded area next to a major highway. I liked this spot because it was so secluded and I could spend hours there alone and just hanging out away from my parents. This day however I believe some old guy seen me go in and he must have followed me in. Sitting in a small open area surrounded by trees I had my back turned. This creepy old guy was behind me a short distance and I did not know. Playing one of those real old school electronic games I was kind of in my own world. Wearing a pair of athletic shorts and a regular T-shirt I just sat there and played the handheld game for a while. Hearing someone walking behind me I turned. A older man about 60 was in the woods with me. He was tall 6 foot 4 slender and balding gray hair. he was wearing thin slacks and a white t-shirt. Now I have seen a couple people like myself go in this area before so I just passed it off he was not too close to me but I just said"hey" he smiled and asked me what I was doing today. I just told him I was playing my game and relaxing from my bike ride. He walked over to me I was sitting down still on a rock and he stood about a foot from me. he was interested in talking to me about the weather and small stuff like that. I figured he is just some lonely old guy so I just spoke to him with short answers and hoped he would leave. His conversation would change and say things like he been in areas like this and seen people having sex and things like that. he seemed to be trying to get a shock factor in. Though i did not really feel uncomfortable I just was not into talking to people that much, kinda introverted and the fact he was a stranger saying weird things I just passed it off. Politely I said I was leaving soon but he sat right down next to me. Asked if he could sit with me for a while. Truthfully at 16 its not like I had no clue as to what he wanted but it just did not register with me right away but I did feel uncomfortable. For whatever reason though I did feel aroused. Not sure if it showed outwardly but in my head I kinda felt trapped like I could not get up and run but felt like I weighed a ton and could not stand up and I was curious as to why it felt good. He just kept talking. he was talking about the area we lived in and how it changed and all and other small talk things. Speaking for about ten mins or so he just flat out asked if he could put his arm around me. For no reason at all I just said ok, It was so weird my young mind was running in circles and I knew for a fact what was happening but I wanted it to. Feeling very nervous and I actually felt beads of sweat forming on my forehead and I started to feel a little sick. He placed his arm around me and moved right against me. he said how nice it felt to touch me. he did not seem too bad of a person or I was just looking for excuses for this to continue. He was old but he seemed harmless he was thin and kind of bony but could tell he took care of himself. Again I felt so heavy I felt weight just holding me down I could not talk and my mouth was dry and I was sick to my stomach. Back in the day at sixteen I was a thin little puny kid not much to me but I was strong and fast. Today and at this moment I just could not move. Inside my head I was saying let this happen. My body was still rejecting it but my head would not allow me to. He slid his had down my shirt and played with my nipple. his hand was warm and soft. He moved in and just started licking my neck. his hair was in my face and i got so sick I pushed him away just a little but he looked right in my eyes and said,"its ok just take your time" There was no way for me to react my mind just allowed me to blurt out the word OK. I was so scared and my legs were actually shaking his mouth met mine and he forced his tongue into my mouth and swirled it around deep. Things got a little black as I was getting sick from it. I closed my eyes and just let him force his tongue around my mouth for a while. His arms wrapped around me in a very passionate embrace while sucking on my tongue as I layed very limp and submissive in his arms. truthfully I had no idea how to react or what to do. I made out with girls even had sex with one and shared oral sex with a couple girls but my experience with a man was just absent. My mind fought between the good and evil. One side kept yelling at me to run and just go, get away. But the other side of my mind just kept telling my legs to go limp and to stay put and say nothing. I have no clue how long this guy was making out with me but my tongue hurt from him sucking at it so much. The taste of his mouth and the feel of his tongue just made my stomach feel sick like when your really hungry but you have not eaten in a long while. I was sweating and suddenly I felt my shirt being lifted off my head. I was sitting there shirtles with my thin body shaking and sweating. I must have looked like a mess. his mouth quickly started licking my nipples. Sucking them gently and softly while he was doing that a breeze hit me and I came to a little I started looking around and my mind started to kick in a bit. I put my hand on his shoulder and pushed him back a bit and I told him we may get caught by someone in here. In one way I sounded like I was trying to make a excuse to get away but in reality it sounded like I wanted to make sure this would continue. The old man did not flinch just said don't worry we are the only ones here and continued his lick fest on my chest and running his hand over my stomach. Next thing I know he just grabbed my waist band and pulled it far enough that the elastic stretched. he had a good grab on it because he got my underwear elastic to and I just felt my **** suddenly become exposed to the air. Weird feeling I was so hot and sick the air just hitting me there felt good in a way. I was so aware of my penis at that moment He continued to lick my chest and his saliva was all over my chest and nipples and quickly drying with the occasional breezes. he held my waistband tight and it was tight enough that I could not move. He pulled it more that my *** slid down the rock that I was being molested on and he pulled me closer. I sort of sucked my teeth because I was annoyed and I tried to let him know that. He just kept pulling at my pants and pulling them down but I was sitting and they would not slide off my ***. I even tried to prevent that from happening. So many emotions were going on I felt violated and I felt very sick. But every so often I would actually feel sexy, like I was in some romantic place, just so very ******* weird. His fistful of my waistband released its grip and his full hand cupped my young **** and balls. As aware as I was of my genitals being exposed I was not away that I was semi-erect. Not a full hard on but when he touched me I was able to feel that I was getting hard. His hand gracefully and tactically just worked right around my ****. He leaned right into me and kissed me full on the mouth while pushing me back on the ground his hand working my penis while he was kissing me like he would never kiss another person again. He was breathing hard now and I could tell he was very turned on. His actions became more controlled and much more with purpose. I was now scared because he was getting to be a bit more rough, any move I made he would stop me and force me to be still. One point his hand gone around my neck when I would not open my mouth to kiss him and he sort of forced my mouth open that way. I tryed not to open too wide but he forced that tongue in my mouth and he gone deep to my tonsils it seemed. he let go of my **** and I could tell I was erect. I was throbbing a little because he was stroking me for a while but soon as he let it go I felt myself going limp again. Now with that hand free he began taking off his pants he was fumbling a bit with the belt but he did not want to stop making out with me. After a minute he just pulled his pants down my eyes were closed tight but I could tell by the motion that he slipped them off and he kicked them off to the side. I was thinking what a crazy old **** to get totally nude in the woods while raping some kid. I only felt his face on mine i did not feel my body I was so still and stiff because I was scared to move and my back hurt due to the rock I was laying on. The old man was now licking my face, going from my mouth then licking my cheeks and my neck I felt wet with his saliva.,I was annoyed and ill. His tongue was just licking every inch of my face then he would dive back into my mouth. He told me to turn over, he just said it very matter of factually. Suddenly my mind snapped right back into reality and looked at him like, What? He just kind of turned me so I was on my side his arm was around my neck and he was behind me. His other arm was caressing my side and my chest he pulled me close to him by my neck and i felt very scared not sure if he was going to choke me. He just whispered in my ear that He really likes me and to just relax then he was licking my ear. I could feel his saliva inside my ear canal and I was very aware of his other hand grabbing my chest and rubbing my chest and stomach. I was very uncomfortable from the rock and his arm being around my neck but he spooned me and I could feel his **** on my back it was small but very hard I remember it feeling like a rock just above my ***. His arm released from my neck and told me to stay put. He sat up while I lay on my side he grabbed my shorts and with one move just pulled them all the way down. I froze i was so aware of my nakedness in the outdoors My *** just felt so vulnerable. I felt both of this creeps hands spread my *** I felt the air working into my ******* as it was exposed for him to see. He kept pulling apart my *** cheeks wider each time. I would squirm because he was rough then he opened my *** again and forced me on to my stomach. I kept my head up and I could see nothing but the trees. I kept breathing to not pass out and kept looking around trying to stay in reality. He had my *** spread and he was licking my *******. Every time he did it I would tighten my cheeks. It was a weird and awkward feeling. His tongue felt like it did in my mouth stiff and wet and strong. It was working its way deeper in my ***. he did not do it too long when my *** was very wet from his spit he flipped me. I was being a bit stubborn by not turning fast enough but he was very persistent and just got my thin body to turn around with two moves. I know layed on my back flat and comfortable for the first time. He was kneeling over me and it looked so surreal. This old man who I did not know from Adam had this huge smile. His lips wet with his saliva from licking my ***. His small **** was hard and poking straight out. He had large balls and gray hair. It was not a lot of hair and it appeared very fine. his **** was small but for the most part seemed normal but I could see precum just forming over his pee hole. His shirt was left on and it fell just above his pubic area. For the most part for his age he was in ok shape but he had a look on him that was just so perverted and he was lost in this world of his. He knew he just hit the lottery, he was doing something that he would actually not mind die doing. I closed my eyes tight and then he put my penis in his mouth. I had blow jobs before from girls. Of course they were good but girls then at that age were not experienced. This old mans mouth was very experienced and the wetness of his mouth and the softness of his hand working my shaft got me very hard. I kept my eyes closed and just let it be for what it was. I forced myself to get into it because it actually felt good. All was ok for a little while till he suddenly and without warning forced his finger inside my *******. I yelled very loud but he just put my **** deeper in his mouth and forced that bony finger deeper in my virgin ***. I was tense very tense my eyes closed very tight. Tight enough tears were forming. His soaking wet mouth was swallowing all of my **** and his ******* finger was deep up my *** all I felt was pressure deep in my ***. A weird painful but yet arousing pain in my ***. I was not breathing right I wanted this to stop right now I tryed to pull away a bit but his finger was creating too much discomfort for me to move his head was working faster All I heard was a sucking and slobbering sound as he sucked my **** so hard I was about to faint I felt sick my *** hurt and I could not open my eyes. Then so quickly his finger just pulled right out my *** without warning just as I was about to either faint or get sick. That uncomfortable painful feeling I had and actually feeling his knuckles on my taint was gone. A rush of air entered my lungs, I came I was ******* in this old mans mouth The feeling from my ****** was so ******* intense I never felt one like it. I could feel my *** and his spit and the warmth of this guys mouth I was spraying *** deep in his throat and he just kept sucking. The slobbering sounds and his moans were sickening. I stopped the ****** but he just kep sucking and slobbering I was feeling my stuff dripping out his mouth and dripping down my balls and down my ***. I was worn out and my **** began to hurt. He finally pulled his mouth off my ****. He let out this huge moan. I felt my penis it was just limp and soaking wet. I got my breathing rhythm back, and opened my eyes. I was seeing spots. I seen him now. His face was very distorted his lips were wet with my young ***. He was ******* his **** off for some reason it just seemed larger than when I first seen a glimpse of it. The head was almost blue his large balls slapping against the skin of his old thin legs. He moaned almost choked on his moan, and he came. He sprayed a large amount of thick ***** all over my nude body. I would feel thick globs falling on my belly, on my balls and some thinner spray up near my chest. i felt sick again but he stopped ******* off he got closer to me with his **** held really tight in his hand I kept my eyes open as it got nearer to my face I could see his **** now very clear it had a large head and maybe about 5 inches. His balls were smooth and large, hairy but smooth gray hairs. I could make out some freckles and liver spots beneath the crop of pubic hair. he placed it near my mouth and he rubbed it over my lips as he squeezed his **** very hard. He pushed it twice and I finally just gave up I opened my mouth. He pushed it inside my mouth but he was not forceful he just kept it in there for a little while. I closed my eyes. I could taste skin, and salt it tasted weird the skin was very soft in my mouth He left it in my mouth as it got limp I actually felt it throb a few times and felt it getting smaller. Weird too it smelled well like sex, dirty filthy sex. His *** was begining to dry on my exposed body and I was very aware of it. I was not sure if he managed to shoot out any more *** into my mouth or if he released it all on my body. seems like it was in my mouth foreever and I forced myself not to swallow at all so my mouth was filling up with my saliva and it tasted like skin and ***. The saltiness was almost sweet whenever my tongue would feel the skin of his now soft penis. He took it out of my mouth. He sighed and let out a long slow breath. My mouth dripped with my saliva and possibly some of his ***** it dried almost immediately as it hit my chin. I layed there half aware of my surroundings he was getting his pants on. He leaned over me kissed my on my mouth then kissed my balls and he walked away. I must have layed there alone for about thirty minutes before I could move. When I got up I just felt sticky *** all over me my **** was crusted with *** my *** felt weird and numb. I just got dressed and gone home and showered. To this day I still think of this. And to this day I want it to happen to me again
anthonycobin anthonycobin
36-40, M
Sep 5, 2012