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I have crossdressed since I was 11. When I was 16, I spent the night at my friends house with the idea of going to the beach early the next day. We really wanted to get drunk and his parents went to bed real early so we had the run of the house. We picked up some beer and a bottle of some potent cheap booze and drank in a park not far from his house. We talked about getting laid, which we hadn't yet but were dying to. He got pretty bombed and on the way back to his house, out of the blue, he said that we should **** each other. He said it wouldn't mean we're queer and since we were close anyway it would make us closer. I was shocked, but being drunk and 16 and horny as hell, I eventually agreed. Now my mind was racing. We went to his bedroom and got naked. We started ******* each other off and he tried to mount me from behind but try as we might there was no way he was getting in my ***. I decided to tell him that I liked to dress up in my mothers clothes every now and then and this seemed to really excite him. We went to the laundry room in the basement where I put on a bra, panties & stockings and then then went to the bathroom and put on lipstick, eye shadow & mascara and combed my hair straight. I did look like a girl. He was amazed. We went to his bedroom and instantly it was boyfriend & girlfriend. He started kissing me as I grabbed his ****. I whispered that i wanted to suck him and he layed back on the bed. I got between his legs and tasted my first ****. I took as much as I could in my mouth, gagging often but loving what I was doing. He moaned and said he was going to *** and I licked and jerked him faster. His first stream of *** shot right into my mouth and it stunned me a bit. I got a lot on my face but then put his **** in my mouth and sucked him dry. It was so hot. I jerked off in my nylons as I licked him clean. We both passed out and woke the next morning just before his parents. I tried to suck him off again but we heard his parents stirring and decided to save it for another time.
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Very hot! Sounds like a perfectly normal adolescent experience, glad that you enjoyed it!

Hey sweet boy"""wanna hook-up?????