Omg Cirrillas My Favorite Store Now Lol

the other day i went to cirrilas (store) and i baught a 1inch platform with a 4 1/2 inch heel clear mules so damn sexy, the guy in the store asked me if they were for me i asked why and he said he was just wondering, so i said maybe he just smiled. He was fat but cute i didnt really care if he was fat thought. becouse what i like to do is suck **** alot! anyway he said i would love to se you wearing them and i said really. He said if you wait for me till i get out ill give you a discount on watever you want anytime. I just smiled and said ok. it was around midnight and he came outside he told me to follow him and i did we dropped my car off first and then i went with him on his he gave me some panty hose and told me to put them on and so i did and then my new sexy heels, he then gave me a wig, whyle i was doing that he pulled out his **** and started to stroke it. When i was done puting everything on he pulled me from my head down to his ****, damn it smelled so good i started to lick his head with the tip of my tongue and then blow just on the head it was so good i could taste his precum he pulled my head down and i started to suck on the whole thing he made me gagg on it . I told him to warn me when he was about to ***, but he never did i just felt the *** drop inside my mouth i was goin g to spit it out but he didnt let me pull aways so i had no choice but to swallow it it tasted so ******* good, we went to his house and omg i sucked his **** 3 more times that night and i swallowed his *** everysingle time so good god damn im in love with his **** that i do it almost 6 times a week. one in the store but thats a story for another day.
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Wonderful story.

What a yummy midnight snack