Me And My Brother

ok so my brother walks in wit a condom in his hand, sits right next to me lays back grabs my hand and puts it on his ******* hard **** (omg) i start playing with it, i begin to stroke it hard and fast he tells me to put the condom on his **** and so i put it in my mouth and with my mouth on his **** wow, i began to suck on his **** for like 10 mnts he than pushes me away and starts ******* me doggy style for like 7 mnts. He then grabs me from my head and demands me to suck his **** so i begin to do it againg only this time i pulled the condom off and begin to suck on it (god damn my brother has a big *** ****) it smelled so ******* good it was delicious. he ells me he is about to *** and then he pulls his **** out and tells me he is gonna *** on my heels and he does it was a big *** ******* load and then i sucked him dry, i grabbed my heels and stared to lick the *** off and swallowed it, my brother smiled and said thanks and i will see u tonight omg i smiled back and said ill be waiting. wtf just happend it was great that just happened 20 mnts ago wow im serious!!!
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Aug 7, 2010