Adonia Reborn

I had a shemale friend Jasmine. I am 2 years younger than her. I met her when i was 17 (3 years ago). I was wounded due to my rash driving and i was unconscience due to alcohol had on that day. she found me. when i woke up. I was in a black edgy dress. I was get shocked. Jasmine told "i am very beautiful in that dress. Its look like dress made for you". I get angry slowly I realized her kind heart.She was beautiful. She was wearing white semi transparent edgy dress.I spend that 5 days with her since i was not able to walk & i did not have money. . she take care of me. she prepared food for me and etc.
Each day i wear her dress. On 2nd day, I went near her room (it was in upstair) I was shocked on seeing her tiny ****. Her room was open she had sex with her shemale friend. On 3rd day, I ask her "why did u saved me?". She said that i am looking like her friend Adonia. Adonia was her partner, she was died in an accident. I would able to feel that Jasmine's hunger for love. After Adonia there is no one to love her. On that night we make love. I don't know how i happens. I was listening Jasmine's sad story. We started with a She gave nice bj. I never suck **** before. I gave bj. I ****** her. She swallowed my ***. she told "I was her Adonia". We love each other.
On the 4th day, She took me to bathroom. she undress me. she shaved my body. she removed hairs in my face, chest , leg,.... We had bath together. She dress up me like a girl. She apply makeup in my face. She applied neil polish in all my nails,lip stick she changed my hair style. I was wearing white panties, white bra and white petticoat. black sleeveless tops and black mini skirt. She taught me how to behave like a girl. she told me to talk in low voice. When i saw me in a long mirror. I saw a femine inside me. I look very beautiful. We went to shopping, park... She introduced me to her friend as Adonia. She call me as Adonia. When we return to her home, I had lesbian sex with her as adonia. She was pleased. On that day I had ****** her 3 times. All the time she swallowed my ***. At last i suck her **** and swallowed her ***. It tasted good. On the 5th day I got money from her. I return to my home. It was a wonderful experience i ever had.
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Dec 2, 2012