First Time With My Teacher

There have been some first time sex as a cd.  But, this is one with my teacher.  It was during a halloween dance we were having.  My girlfriend and I went as soldiers.  Wearing cut off camoflage pants that were high cut like daisy duke almost and matching camoflage tops.  The button up ones.  I wore the green camoflage with coffee colored pantyhose and black military boots.  Black wig make up and a barret.  My girlfriend wore desert camoflage biege colored pantyhose black military boots.  Make up and a barret as well.  We got dressed at her house and we drove there in her mom's car as she let us barrow it for the evening.  Not knowing how we looked for halloween as they were gone.  At they're own halloween event.  As we got to the halloween dance.  We went in.  I love the breezy feeling on my hosed legs as we were walking in.  As we got into the school and headed to the gym area where the dance was being held.  I was getting some stares as was my girlfriend.  As we got to the dance we found a place to sit put our coats down.  And got some punch.  We talked with some of our friends who kept asking me why I dressed like that for halloween.  They said they would never expected me to do something like that.  I thought that was pretty kewl as they had no idea.  A few of my girlfriends friends told me that I looked pretty hot dressed like that as they said I had the legs for it.  I told them thanx and on the inside loved the complements from them.  As the night went on so did the danceing and talking with others and seeing who was gonna win best costum and stuff like that.  I told my girlfriend that I had to go to the bathroom.  So as I went to the restroom and was coming out I saw my typing teacher.  Who buy the way saw that I was wearing pantyhose a few times in his class.  He asked how I was doing and if I was enjoying the dance.  I told him yes.  I noticed that he kept looking at my legs.  I got gutsy and asked him if he liked my costume.  He said yes he did.  He asked why I was wearing pantyhose under my clothes.  I told him that I liked the way the feel and look.  He looked at me with a really kind of look.  I asked if he liked how they looked on me.  He said yeah I told him if he wanted to he could feel my legs if he would like.  He looked around the hall real quick and bent down and slid his hand up the top half of my calf up the back of my knee stopping about mid thigh.  He said those feel good soft and silky.  I said would you like to feel some more.  As now I was getting horny he said sure.  I said lets go to your classroom.  As we stepped away from the dance and went to his room.  I kept thinking what we were going to be doing.  

As we got to his classroom he unlocked his door and turned on the lights and we went in.  He closed and locked the door behind us.  I went and sat on one of the chairs and crossed my legs.  He walked towards me.  I grabbed his hand and started to suck on one of his fingers.  I notice he was starting to get a little hard.  So I undid his pants and pulled out his **** and started to suck on it.  He started to breath heavly.  I could taste some of his pre *** in my mouth.  I quit and came up and started to kiss his neck and then we started kissing.  I kept playing with his **** in my hand.  Slowly stroking it.  I undid my camoflage shorts and slid them down my pantyhose legs and stepped out of them.   I grabbed is **** and started to slide it up and down my pantyhosed leg and letting it touch mine.  As now I was getting hard.  He turned me around and pulled my hose down so he could slide his **** in my ***.  It kind of hurt at first but it started to feel good as I relaxed more and got into it.  Which believe you, me it didn't take long.  He was going faster and could hear the sound of him hitting off my *** as he was doing me doggy style over his desk.  Which was really turning me on.  In my military boots coffee colored pantyhose wig make up and camoflage top.  All of a sudden he pulled out and he came not on me thank god as I still had to go back to the dance but on his desk right next to me.  After he was done I was still hard but, I thought I could save that for my girlfriend.  I pulled up my hose and bent down on the desk and licked up his ***.  He was like oh you dirty gurl.  I looked at him and kissed him again.  Put my comoflage daisy dukes back on.  As he was getting dressed I told him don't worry this is between you and me ok.  He said ok and thank you.  I told him I better get back to the dance as he said he should as well.  As we both got back to the dance.  Not exactly at the same time.  I checked my self out in the bathroom to make sure I looked ok.  And as I did I entered back into the dance and finished out the night dancing with my girlfriend.  Who every now and then I would catch my teacher looking at me.  I would look back and smile at him and go back to dancing with my girlfriend.   

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That was hot!

I very much enjoyed your story hard at work in classroom pays off LOL, teachers pet too? your outfit sounds great, Your story gave me a couple flash backs with my teacher... me on top of his desk laying on my back I was his favorite male student. Never had the nerve to dress in school but I did once at a Halloween party I was dressed a Dr. Frank-N-Furter, stopped by my teachers house to show him, he showed me how much he really like it. Thanks for sharing

that was a great story i want to do it with my teacher when i am in high school it sounds hot

wow i would love to do something like this with one of my teachers

Sweet sissy, yeah it is hot and not uncommon to really see how many male teachers that are in to men who dress up and role play.

Incredible what a little hose will do. It has the power to enchant many .All my male lovers are attracted to my lose. They love the feel and the sensuality. I can do what I want with them.<br />
The power of my hose has given me emotions to climax over many times.<br />
Thanks for sharing<br />
A CD thought<br />

Thank you. I did get to have a few more dress up fun times with him before I graduated. It was fun and just plain exciting.

Believe me it was courage and just being plain horny in my outfit.

I, really enjoyed your story! Sure wish I would've had the courage to do something like that when I was in school, or even now!!!

I, really enjoyed your story! Sure wish I would've had the courage to do something like that when I was in school, or even now!!!