Feminized By A Sexy Oriental Tv..

i had been trying to make a meeting with a tv from some gay phone chat line for ages when a date finally arose. she had said that she would like to feminize me . so i had gone out bought my self a sexy see through black lace slip ,susspender belt, panties and stockings to take with me that afternoon.

i knocked on the door and a very slim sexy chinese tv opened the door in a satin slip stockings and make up. My heart was pounding .

after our polite hellos i was showered shaved and now naked sat at her dressing table with her applying lip stick, make up then wig. this took about 20 minutes and my **** was throbbing by this time and i had still not seen my self in the mirror as she said that i was not allowed to look till she had finished dressing me in my lingerie.

when my wig and make up was done she slipped me into my stockings buckled me into my suspender belt then gently slid me into my black satin panties, all the time we were teasing and touching each others ***** through our panties, with her finally dressing me into my lace slip.

i was burning with lust my panties were very moist with my pre come as you could imagine, then i was allowed to look.

wow i looked like a real sexy **** and we both ended up on the bed as the mirror run along its length. i she finally went down on me licking and teasing me through my lacey panties the feeling of being feminine was so horny and especially being with another sexy cd. Well we ended up in the 69 position playing around in each others panties and i could see the whole thing in the mirror along side the bed. I ended up staying the night in stretham and we both spilled lots of juicey come all over our lingerie and in each others mouths, our lingerie was very sticky and stained the next day.

i had felt guilty after this had happened at first but since this i have had many more expearences and now know that i love to wear lingerie whilst having good sex with like minded adults . i was 24 when this happened i met the girl many times after for what became very naughty and kinky meets.xxx

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Feb 11, 2010